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Former Liberal van Dongen granted status in probe of BC Rail case
Victoria Times Colonist
Van Dongen, who jumped from the BC Liberals to the BC Conservative party in March, said Friday he wants to ensure the public's money is responsibly spent and that his position as a former cabinet minister gives him a unique perspective on the matter.
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Why liberals got it wrong and Islamists obliged
Ahram Online
The truth is that Islamist candidates have been defeating their liberal rivals rather consistently since 1967 in the wider Middle East. The pattern began to replicate itself on a grander scale with the national elections in Algeria in 1991, ...
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Liberal government faces lawsuits over cancelled gas plant in Mississauga
By Keith Leslie, The Canadian Press | June 01, 2012 TORONTO - Ontario's auditor general should be called in to look at the potential cost to taxpayers of the Liberal government's decision to cancel gas plants in Oakville and Mississauga, ...
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McGuinty ducks on bullying
Toronto Sun
It's a typical move by the provincial Liberals, who never actually solve a problem, but rather turn it into an imaginary problem and then declare a phony victory over it. Such is the case with the Liberals' so-called Accepting Schools Act, ...
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Liberal Author Denouces Obama's Terrorist Hit List
Christian Post
He also criticized liberals for supporting Obama's Bush-like counter-terrorism policies. "As I've written about many times before, Obama – by leading blind-partisan Democrats and progressives to cheer for these policies rather than denounce them – has ...
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Morsi believes liberals will back him for presidency
The Islamist aiming to be Egypt's next president vowed to keep Hosni Mubarak in jail forever and forecast his liberal rivals would back him in an election run-off against a former general he sees as heir to the deposed leader.
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RODRIGUEZ: Connecting the dots between Obama and the local liberals
Seguin Gazette-Enterprise
With the primaries are over, President Obama and his liberal supporters will start launching more vicious political and personal attacks on Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney. As they begin their criticisms, voters should see the connection ...
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The elephant in the room
Toronto Star
Five years later, he campaigned as Liberal leader on just such reforms. "I hope that people can appreciate a learning experience," he said. McGuinty's learning experience was so transformative that he later attended Toronto's Pride Parade, ...
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Toronto Star
MLAs end wild session marked by blitz of bills
Vancouver Sun
Provincial politicians left for summer break Thursday after a tumultuous legislative session that included the return of the provincial sales tax, two byelection defeats for the governing Liberals, a high profile defection to the BC Conservatives and ...
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Anti-bullying law an end to Catholic school funding?
Guelph Mercury
The fight between Ontario's governing Liberals and the Catholic church over terminology used for gay-straight alliance clubs is more about stopping funding than it is about stopping bullying. The roots of this battle can be found in the 2007 provincial ...
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Liberals Blame Horrific Jobs Report On Republicans - Weasel Zippers
Liberals Blame Horrific Jobs Report On Republicans "Austerity Policies"… The fact that none of the GOP's policies are being implemented apparently hasn't dawned on them yet. Via Soros-funded tools at ThinkProgress: – The U.S. economy ...
Weasel Zippers
Will party brass let grassroots Liberals call some shots? | iPolitics
By Zach Paikin
As the Liberal Party of Canada's national executive prepares to answer some immediate questions concerning the party's upcoming leadership race, grassroots Liberals have been concentrating on how to rebuild the party over the long run.

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Liberals vs. conservatives: How politics affects charitable giving
Americans are more likely to donate to a charity that reflects the values of their political affiliation, according to a new study from Rice University, the University of ...

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