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Senior Liberal Democrats in secret talks with Labour
Nick Clegg has suffered a fresh headache after it emerged that senior Liberal Democrats are holding secret talks with Labour with a view to closer co-operation between the two parties in the future. By Patrick Hennessy, Political Editor Vince Cable, ...
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Red, white and blue
Daily Comet
The results, released in February, show that 48.5 percent of the state's adults consider themselves conservative, 34 percent moderate and 13.7 percent liberal. Mississippi remains the most conservative state at 53.4 percent.
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Open primaries will favor liberals
Arizona Republic
Like every other "red state" with an open primary, it would allow liberals and independents to have a say about who will be representing the Republican Party. This desire to have the Republican candidate molded by the liberals and independents is ...
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Liberals pledge to curb patronage appointments
Liberal MLA Donald Arseneault says top government jobs, outside the premier's office and executive council office, should be open to the public. Liberal MLA Donald Arseneault says top government jobs, outside the premier's office and executive council ...
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Shadow of a doubt
Sydney Morning Herald
Clearly, the Liberals have a sense of humour. The problem is, Smith's transition from poacher to gamekeeper has been undermined by Labor's repeated claims that he tends to favour the conservative side. In the upper house, Liberal President Bruce ...
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Sydney Morning Herald
BC Liberals Filling The Pockets Of Private Power Contractors While British ...
South Asian Link
VICTORIA – BC Liberal energy policies that forced BC Hydro to sign lucrative contracts with private-sector power producers will result in losses of $180 million during the spring melt season, says New Democrat energy critic John Horgan.
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Van Dongen Gets His Wish To Probe BC Liberals' BC-Rail Corruption Scandal
South Asian Link
Despite large section of the mainstream media's attempts to play down and help cover up perhaps the biggest corruption scandal of any provincial government – the BC Liberal insiders corruption scandal and then a $6 million payoff to cover up the whole ...
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South Asian Link
We'll all pay for Liberal seats
The Chronicle Journal
The Ontario Liberal government's scattergun energy policy has a good end in mind — a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Generous incentives to wind and solar power developers caused such a public uproar the government was forced to scale back the ...
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Wake up America: Wisconsin Liberals Getting Creepy Now
By (Susan Duclos)
Dear Registered Voter: Who votes is public record! Why do so many people fail to vote? We've been talking about the problem for years, but it only seems to get worse. This year, we're taking a new approach. We're sending this mailing to you ...
Wake up America

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Business - Clive Crook - Supply-Side Liberals - The Atlantic
I followed the link from Greg Mankiw to a new blog by University of Michigan professor Miles…

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