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Cohn: How the Liberals buried a $14 billion liability late in the day
Toronto Star
Good news, of course, is always trumpeted, as it was one recent Friday afternoon when the Liberals clucked about a coup: Tory MPP Elizabeth Witmer had quit the Tory caucus to become chair of the WSIB — opening the door to a Liberal byelection victory ...
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Toronto Star
Kelly McParland: Liberal leadership needs a spark to light its soggy kindling
National Post
"Liberal leadership race is warming up," claims a headline in one of the morning papers. Which may actually be true. Considering the "race" (if you can call it that) has all the excitement of a Stanley Cup final between the Los Angele Kings and New ...
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Will: Petulant liberals in Wisconsin
Albany Times Union
WAUWATOSA, Wis. — This state, the first to let government employees unionize, was an incubator of progressivism. It gave birth, in 1932 in Madison, to the precursor of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, ...
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Liberals upset over Conservative tactics
By Stephen Maher And Glen McGregor, Postmedia News June 4, 2012 The Liberals are expected to complain in the House of Commons today that voters in the suburban Toronto riding of Etobicoke Centre received calls accusing Liberal Borys Wrzesnewskyj of ...
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Tempers flare over Tory calls in disputed Toronto riding
Globe and Mail
The Liberals say the Conservatives demonstrated a deep lack of respect for the judicial process by placing calls last weekend to voters in a Toronto riding where the results of last year's election are now before the Supreme Court.
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Electoral review angers South Australian Liberals
The Australian
SOUTH Australian Premier Jay Weatherill has accused the opposition of being in a "blind panic" after the state electoral commission ignored the Liberal Party's call for sweeping changes to boundaries. The Electoral Districts Boundaries Commission ...
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Jews Liberal, But Obama Losing Ground
A poll conducted by the liberal Workmen's Circle and published last week should reassure liberals that their views still predominate in the Jewish community, but it provided little comfort to those hoping President Obama can come anywhere near his 2008 ...
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Liberals regulate limits on class sizes amid labour strife with teachers
Waterloo Record
Class size limits The governing Liberals are bringing in a regulation that would limit class sizes from kindergarten to Grade 12. TORONTO - The governing Liberals are bringing in a regulation that would limit class sizes from kindergarten to Grade 12.
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Don't count the Liberal Party out just yet
The Province
By Michael Den Tandt, Postmedia News June 4, 2012 3:03 AM This is the worst of times to be a Liberal. Right? Right. NDP Leader Tom Mulcair is carving out a commodious niche left of centre. Prime Minister Stephen Harper, finally, is establishing his ...
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If Liberals Think Striking Down ObamaCare Equals Judicial Activism ...
By Damon W. Root
Almost immediately after the Supreme Court finished hearing oral argument in the legal challenge to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in March, numerous liberals began urging the Court to practice judicial restraint, defer to the ...
Hit & Run
Liberals Comparing Conservatives to the Muslim Brotherhood ...
By Michael Rubin
What does Sarah Palin have in common with the Muslim Brotherhood? The answer to that question is, of course, absolutely nothing. But don't tell myriad pundits and academics that. Cheap analogies between the Tea Party and al-Qaeda, ...
Commentary Magazine
BBCW: Liberals Point to John Adams for Nationalized Healthcare to ...
By Bungalow Bill
Ignoring no Constitutional power for the federal government to create such an entitlement, liberals are looking to John Adams as the wisdom for this misinformation. The following text appeared in Forbes magazine: During the early years of our ...
IMAO » Blog Archive » Link of the Day: Science! Proves Liberals ...
By Harvey
[High Praise! to Keln]. Bananas – much more related to capitalism than one might suspect. Primates and Bananas. Also, for no other reason than we're on the topic and the picture is really cool, here's a .45 caliber flintlock banana [via ...
Scahill calls out liberals for remaining largely silent over Obama's ...
By Antony Loewenstein
34033no ...
Antony Loewenstein

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