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Liberals start bashing Rick Scott's response to DOJ's voter-purge demand (blog)
Progress Florida: ST. PETERSBURG – Progress Florida executive director Mark Ferrulo made the following statement in response to Gov. Rick Scott Administration's letter that he will continue purging registered voters from Florida's rolls despite the ...
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Liberal bill fails to address school bullying
Toronto Sun
Congratulations to the McGuinty Liberals. They've passed an anti-bullying bill that anti-bullying advocates don't like. One that has re-ignited the debate over funding the Catholic school system, which the Liberals claim they wholeheartedly support.
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The Crazy Lie of "Pinkwashing" and the Liberal Case for Israel
Huffington Post (blog)
Last November, I published a blog post at The Huffington Post entitled "The Liberal Case for Israel." It was my most popular and most controversial piece to date. This week, I published a new book, "The Liberal Case for Israel: Debunking Eight Crazy ...
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Jeff Jedras: Liberals go quiet in cacophony of left versus right
National Post
The article doesn't mention the Liberals at all, save a throw-away line about Mulcair not wanting to be defined by the Conservatives as were Michael Ignatieff and Stephane Dion. And that omission is telling, for this whole Dutch Disease/resource sector ...
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Liberals react to Walker's win
Washington Examiner (blog)
The money and effort that [Democrats] DID NOT put into Wisconsin today would have gone to strengthening and shoring up that organization. You can be quite certain that the Republicans, who busted their asses on this election, built up their Wisconsin ...
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Liberal Logic: A Hodgepodge of Baffling Contradictions
Hot Air
You know, sometimes I am just completely baffled by liberal logic. And by sometimes I mean all the time. Case in point: the contradictory "hands off" and "hands on" policies regarding abortion/contraception and diet nannyism, respectively.
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Liberals accused of bullying Ornge whistleblowers as paramedic tells of ...
National Post
The opposition parties say the governing Liberals are trying to intimidate Ornge whistleblowers at a legislative committee that's probing the troubled air ambulance service. The accusation came after Liberal backbencher David Zimmer questioned a former ...
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National Post
Walker's Win, Liberalism's Loss
New Republic (blog)
How can liberals turn things around? I wish I knew. Ezra endorses political reforms, such as public financing of elections and more disclosure, to slow the deluge of conservative political money that Citizens United helped release. Yes and yes.
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Even when he's beaten, the liberal mainstream media calls Obama a winner (blog)
Other liberals embraced the result as evidence of the death of democracy. On this they had a point: Republicans outspent Democrats something like 7-1. On the Rachel Maddow Show, commentator Ed Schultz complained, "We are looking at almost a $27 million ...
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HUFFPOST HILL - Online Liberals To Celebrate Own Impotence
By The Huffington Post News Editors
Progressive activists from across the country will take a break from telling each other what to do over Twitter and head to Netroots Nation -- where they will tell each other what to do. John Boozman and Rand Paul might not see eye to eye on ...
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Weasel Zippers » Blog Archive » Video: "Shit Liberals Say"…
Dapandico on Video: "Shit Liberals Say"… Hickster on Wisconsin Man's Obituary Request: Donations For "Whoever Is Running Against Barack Obama"… NorCal Foothill Rich on Biden Thanks New Citizen of America "For Choosing Us"…
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