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Frustrated liberals want more from Obama
Fox News
Republicans attack the president as a big-government liberal. Many liberals meeting Thursday at Netroots Nation — it describes the annual convention as "a giant family reunion for the left" — argue instead that Obama hasn't fought hard enough for ...
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Liberals expected to clear Rae to run for permanent leadership
National Post
OTTAWA — While no formal decision has been taken, one Liberal Party board member says the party is poised to let interim leader Bob Rae run for the permanent leadership. National party president Mike Crawley said the Liberal executive won't meet to ...
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National Post
Survey: NDP, Liberals in tie, Dexter second choice as premier
(THE CHRONICLE HERALD) The NDP was down in a couple of new polls released Thursday, to the benefit of the Liberals and Tories. The quarterly Corporate Research Associates survey had the New Democrats in a statistical tie with the official Opposition ...
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Liberals demand Del Mastro resign over spending questions
The Liberal Party is demanding that Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro step down from his role as parliamentary secretary to the prime minister in the wake of reports he's being investigated for spending too much to get elected.
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Liberals expected to allow Bob Rae's leadership run
The Liberal Party is expected to allow its interim leader Bob Rae to run for permanent leadership. Ottawa Bureau Chief Robert Fife reported Thursday night that Rae's permanent leadership bid is "the worst kept secret in Ottawa.
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Liberal dinner high on unity
Vancouver Sun
Both supported second-place Kevin Falcon, not winner Christy Clark, in last year's BC Liberal leadership contest. Both circulated warnings that if the party chose her, it could split the governing coalition and spark the revival of the moribund BC ...
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Liberals say Clark treated unfairly
The Province
That's the new rallying cry from the BC Liberals these days, as they try to figure out a way to stop Premier Christy Clark's dizzying dive in the opinion polls. Jim Shepard, Clark's economic adviser, hit on the theme as he announced a new committee to ...
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Liberals urge Tory attack dog Del Mastro to quit over election expense probe
660 News
Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro rises in the House of Commons during Question Period Thursday, June 7, 2012. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Adrian Wyld OTTAWA - The Ontario MP who normally leads the Conservative defence on accusations of dirty electoral tricks ...
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So much for Liberals' benefit of the doubt on Del Mastro (blog)
OTTAWA — After Postmedia News broke the news on Wednesday that Elections Canada was investigating Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro's election spending, interim Liberal leader Bob Rae refused to jump on the bandwagon and excoriate him.
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Liberals call for Del Mastro's resignation
Globe and Mail
The Liberals are calling for Dean Del Mastro's resignation pending the investigation over voter-contact calls made by his campaign in 2008. Subscribe now and get The Globe and Mail the way you want it. Enjoy the convenience of having The Globe and Mail ...
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Kathy Griffin Tells Off Liberals Who May Not Vote for Obama ...
By Tim Graham
The D.C. gay magazine Metro Weekly interviewed Bravo star Kathy Griffin and asked her how big it was that President Obama endorsed the "gay marriage" concept. "There's never been a sitting president who has even seen the LGBT ... - Exposing Liberal...
Of Course Liberals Can Start Their Own Countries – They Already ...
By Bill Quick
Actually, Smitty, liberals have started their own countries, many times. They were called the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, Mao's People's Republic of China, Pol Pot's Cambodia, Robert Mugabe's Zimbabwe, Robert Chavez' Venezuela, ...
Daily Pundit
Left Coast Rebel: Why Are Liberals Considered 'Leftists' and ...
By Left Coast Rebel
Why Are Liberals Considered 'Leftists' and Conservatives Considered 'Right-Wingers'? By Frank Hill. Doesn't it strike you as 'odd' how everyone seems to be calling everyone else certain names in the political world nowadays....but no one ...
Left Coast Rebel
RealClearWorld - Russian Liberals Lose Faith in U.S.
By Lilia Shevtsova, The American Interest
These are ruminations of a Russian liberal, and they would have never been written if not for one simple fact: the concerns described herein are beginning to dominate the Russian liberal community (and not just the Russian one, I'm afraid).
Bizarre Brain Disease Makes Wisconsin Liberals Keep ... - IMAO
By Harvey
One Response to "Bizarre Brain Disease Makes Wisconsin Liberals Keep Singing After Recall Defeat". Keln says: June 7th, 2012 at 5:57 pm. Wow, I heard another example of the rejection of reality today on Cavuto. I wrote about it in my blog ...

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Frustrated liberals want more from Obama - Yahoo! News
From Yahoo! News: They are trying to be hopeful, but the Democratic Party's most passionate voters are struggling to hide their frustration with President Barack ...
Hey Liberals, Your Beloved Ray Bradbury Thought Reagan Was ...
Hey all you stupid liberals who love "books" and "reading" and "Ray Bradbury," and whose Twitter feeds yesterday STOPPED TIME in its TRACKS at the news ...

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