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Win or Lose on June 5, Advocates Agree Wisconsin Progressive Movement Must ...
Paul Ryan's Congressional district), said that labor and progressives are working together with the state Democratic Party and the support of the Democratic Governors Association. The Democratic National Committee has been virtually absent from the ...
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Groups unite behind CD1's Griego, legislative candidates
By Heath Haussamen │ 6/01/12, 7:30 am │ News The Working Families of New Mexico coalition is partnering with the federal Super PAC Progressive Kick to help progressive candidates win their Democratic primary races. A handful of self-identified ...
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Washington Times
By David Horowitz and Jacob Laksin D avid Horowitz has a reputation for the unsparing way he reveals the thinking and tactics of the liberal-progressive side of American politics. He marshals facts into patterns and patterns into indictments.
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Washington Times
Overheard in Fog City: Quintin Mecke to Enter D5 Contest
Fog City Journal
Mecke, a progressive, is best known for his mayoral candidacy in 2007 against then-incumbent Mayor Gavin Newsom, running on behalf of San Francisco progressives who were unable to rally a mayoral candidate at the 2007 Progressive Convention.
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Fog City Journal
Comedian John Fugelsang on sexy liberals
Boston Globe
And I think there's something very sexy about progressive values. But it's also supposed to be goofy; the biggest problem with liberals is they take themselves too seriously. A. People think about liberals and they think about angry guys in trench ...
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New State Budget: Winners and Losers
The budget, which the Finance Committee voted to send to the full House, does not make any sweeping changes to the landscape of state and local government—and that may be its biggest problem, say some conservatives and progressives.
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Wisconsin Senate recall candidate Lori Compas reflects on her race against ...
Isthmus Daily Page
This is the race that has captured the imagination of many progressives in Wisconsin. Lori Compas, a political novice, got so fed up with the rightwing agenda and the ruthless style of Scott Walker and Wis. Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald that ...
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Isthmus Daily Page

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Why Real Progressives Should Support Scott Walker -
By Steven Greenhut
The case for putting the public good before what's good for public employees. Full Feed
Iranian Progressives in Translation: The New Persian Translation of ...
By Frieda Afary
This site is devoted to publishing English translations of statements or articles by progressive Iranian thinkers and activists who may not be widely known internationally but offer important ideas. Those who wish to reprint these translations may ...
Iranian Progressives in Translation

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Are Progressives really Communists? - Space Coast Progressive ...
Is Progressivism the New Communism? by R.W. Spisak Jr. News Director PNNRoots of American Progressivism arise from the corruption of the post civil...

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