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Progressives welcome Conservative gay weddings
Jerusalem Post
Leaders of progressive Jewish movements in Israel as well as gay rights groups welcomed the adoption by the Conservative Jewish movement in the US of guidelines for wedding ceremonies for same-sex couples. The Rabbinical Assembly's Committee on Jewish ...
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Progressivism: An Adolescent Ideology
Patriot Post
I asked a women, a progressive as you might surmise from her answer, which is the more likely scenario with regard to an individual receiving 155 weeks of unemployment benefits: one, that person will be beating the bushes for another job staring in the ...
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Early voting is here — Get out and vote
Guardian Express
When we elect our own Republican Progressives, however, the voters do not see a clear choice and will always vote for the Democrats. That is evidenced by Obama's win over McCain. The reason Ron Paul has drawn crowds of 10000 people to hear him speak is ...
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Progressives "ready to cooperate with Socialists"
BELGRADE -- Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) leader Aleksandar Vučić says his party is ready to cooperate with the Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS). He told Tanjug that he would inform Serbia's President Tomislav Nikolić about this at a meeting on Monday ...
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2015: APGA plans restructuring, to field presidential candidate
By CHRIS OCHAYI, Abuja Ahead of the 2015 general elections, the national leadership of All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA, has promised to embark on comprehensive and total restructuring of the party, with a view to making it strong enough to ...
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After recall, who will heal state's wounds?
Fond du Lac Reporter
Liberals hate his policies and feel he's betrayed the state's progressive past. Neither side seems willing to give an inch. This deep division has some experts wondering how the state can tackle its toughest problems when its citizens and leaders are ...
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The threat the UN poses to America greater than you think
Beaufort Observer
The Western Center for Journalism says in an article posted by the same title as this one says: Why are SOCIALIST PROGRESSIVES of both political parties so hell-bent on surrendering our sovereignty as a nation to the United Nations?
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American Power: Progressives in Full Panic Mode in Wisconsin
By Donald Douglas
There's a lot of activity in Wisconsin. Via Memeorandum, we see that the so-called Wisconsin Citizens Media Cooperative has published some pathetic rumors about a Scott Walker love child. And Althouse responds: "Wisconsin Citizens Media ...
American Power

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RealClearPolitics - Real Progressives Should Support Scott Walker
Before Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker became a recall target for his efforts to reform collective bargaining in his state, I was a guest on a Madison radio show ...
Progressives welcome Co... JPost - Jewish World - Jewish Features
Groups in Israel welcome Conservative movement's decision to provide the movement's rabbis with guidelines for performing same-sex ceremonies.
Georgia Tea Partiers And Progressives Unite To Demand Lobbying ...
In July, Georgia's Democratic and Republican Party voters will get a chance to tell their respective political parties that there needs to be lobbying.

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