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Barack Obama's Ties to the Marxist Led New Party and "Progressive Chicago"
Right Side News
There is also documentary evidence that Obama was not only an active member, but a leader of a New Party sister organization Progressive Chicago, as far back as 1993. Furthermore, there is ample evidence that the New Party/Progressive Chicago was set ...
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A Progressive's Complaint
The Moderate Voice
An angry group of oldsters, who were furious about Wall Street and a big government in cahoots with The Street, made themselves known as the Tea Party. Right-wing money came forth, the oldsters accepted it happily, they changed their tune to exclude ...
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The Economy Will Never Recover Unless the Fed Loosens Monetary Policy. So Why ...
Slate Magazine
Instead, the economic policy discussion among progressives remains fixated on the politically impossible and substantively inadequate concept of fiscal stimulus. A Saturday-morning high-profile economic policy roundtable featuring Paul Krugman, ...
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Slate Magazine
Transformation of American Democracy: Roosevelt, 1912 Election, and the ...
By Sidney M. Milkis Abstract: Progressivism came to the forefront of our national politics for the first time in the election of 1912. The two leading candidates after the votes were tallied were both Progressives: the Democratic Party's Woodrow Wilson ...
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Reflections for Netroots Nation: Seven Years Later
The Nation. (blog)
Last weekend, the annual Netroots Nation conference in Providence, Rhode Island drew 2700 progressives to discuss the state of the progressive movement. Since the event fell two days after Gov. Walker won his recall election in Wisconsin, ...
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The Nation. (blog)
Elizabeth Warren hits key campaign topics, draws rockstar reaction at Netroots ...
"Their vision boils down to a single sentence- 'I've got mine and the rest of you are on your own,'" Warren told the group of approximately 300 progressive activists and bloggers. "Progressives have a different view. We believe we must invest together ...
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A Politics for the 99 Percent
Middle East Online
Progressives must take the 2012 fall election -- the most ideologically polarized election since the Reagan-Carter face-off of 1980 – very seriously, even as they challenge the limits of the debate, write Katrina vanden Heuvel and Robert L. Borosage.
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Dan Lawlor: Are there Any Real Democrats in Rhode Island?
OSA Executive Director Kate Brock, echoed a similar sentiment, saying that Progressives need to see what works and what doesn't, and begin to think beyond party labels. "There are allies and non-allies in all parties", she said, citing local pro-choice ...
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Weasel Zippers » Blog Archive » Netroots Nation "Progressives ...
big-pete on Netroots Nation "Progressives" Give Standing Ovation To Women For Having Abortions… BlueSky on Obama Says He Doesn't Believe Businesses Who Say They Are Being Hurt By Obamacare… rocksandbroncs on Report: ...
Weasel Zippers

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