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Tea Party Takes Wisconsin Victory on the Road
By Greg McDonald Tea party and conservative activists are hoping to turn their Wisconsin victory over unions into a roadmap for their efforts in several other presidential battleground states, where big labor has long-dominated the political landscape.
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Tea Party People Shone Like Beacon in Wisconsin
Canada Free Press
Now that the country has been saved to live and fight another day, isn't it time that all of us stop and salute and say "Thank Heaven for the Tea Party!" That's right, the June 5 Wisconsin recall election has come and gone with Gov.
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Roanoke Tea Party explains candidate grades
But that's not stopping the Roanoke Tea Party from making its opinion known. On Friday the group released its ratings of local candidates giving both Goodlatte and Allen the "Epic Fail" grade. "We like to put a little pressure on them," said Roanoke ...
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Tea party bus stops today include Fort Myers
The News-Press
1:10 pm WINK News: Fort Myers among tea party rally sites: Tea party supporters made their voices heard during rallies across Southwest Florida today (From partner WINK News). Two Tea Party Express buses made a stop in Southwest Florida today, ...
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Tea Party - The Dreams From Our Founding Fathers
Canada Free Press
The media, along with the immediate world, has struggled with the emergence of a potent force known as the Tea Party. There are many who struggle to define who these people are, and what they do, while others view the Tea Party as a nebulous group ...
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Feeling Good: Post-recall Q&A with Ross Brown of Dane County Tea Party
Ross Brown lives in Fitchburg and is a member of We the People of the Republic, a Dane County Tea Party group. He's the creator of, a website that allows users to see how much money they "saved" on property taxes due to Act 10.
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Ballot-Qualified Tea Party Runs No Candidates in Florida
Ballot Access
The ballot-qualified Tea Party, which had eighteen candidates on the ballot in 2010 for federal and state office, has no candidates for partisan office this year. In this year's US House races, this year there are 27 races. Republicans have a candidate ...
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Letter: Tea party obstructionists thwart efforts to bring economy around
The reason this has not already been accomplished is the tea party influence in Congress. I hope Blond will read "End this Depression Now" by Paul Krugman. Hopefully it will broaden his understanding on this subject. In another letter ("Presidential ...
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Tea Party divided over endorsement of Connie Mack | Naked Politics
By Mary Ellen Klas
In a heated conference call with dozens of Tea Party supporters throughout the state late Sunday, Florida's disparate Tea Party groups debated whether or not to endorse Republican Connie Mack in the Florida U.S. Senate primary. The call ...
Naked Politics
Tea Party Grassroots Gather In Washington To Prep For 'The Hostile ...
By The Huffington Post News Team
WASHINGTON -- A four-day conference for conservative activists organized by FreedomWorks was capped off Monday with a boisterous press conference. "Welcome to the hostile takeover," said Matt Kibbe, president and CEO of the Tea ...
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Ohio Senate Race: Tea Party Rallies Behind Josh Mandel
By The Huffington Post News Editors
WASHINGTON -- Ohio Tea Party leaders are touting their backing of state Treasurer Josh Mandel (R) in his U.S. Senate campaign, saying he is the only candidate who can end federal health care reform. The group, in town for a grassroots ...
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Susie Sampson: Netroots Nation: From Tea Party Eyes!
By Susie Sampson
Little ol' me decided to head on over to that liberal conference in Rhode Island, Netroots Nation. I can't say too much about their politics but I have to admit they were nice. Deep down they're just confused, I'm sure of it.
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Blake Lively Covers Marie Claire US July 2012 - Coco's Tea Party
By Cocos Tea Party
Blake Lively covers the July 2012 issue of Marie Claire US. The Gossip Girl star has been keeping a low profile since hooking up with Ryan Reynolds - even missing the Met Gala in May - but she's about to make a comeback, promoting her ...
Coco's Tea Party

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