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Jeb Bush berates 'hyper-partisan' Republican party - US politics live
The Guardian
10am: Good morning: Jeb Bush has upbraided his political allies by claiming that both his father George HW Bush and Republican icon Ronald Reagan would struggle to be accepted by their hyper-partisan political ancestors in the GOP.
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The Guardian
Canada dismisses US concern over fake military parts
If the US experience is any indication, National Defence and its political bosses may well be among the last to know the extent to which counterfeit parts have infected the Canadian military. The US congressional probe found the "vast majority" of the ...
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Nixon's worst Watergate legacy: The politics of hatred
Washington Post (blog)
Yes, Nixon saw he had destroyed himself, but he also bequeathed a politics of hatred to the country that is still destroying us at the most fundamental level. This is a soul-destroying hatred of one another; the idea that it is not enough to simply ...
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Spoilt West invites its own decline
Sydney Morning Herald
It's not just about Washington's deficits and the US recession, or even just about the US. These are the symptoms and the locations of a common dysfunction, not driven by some remote economic force but by people and politics. That dysfunction is very ...
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Key Players Remember Watergate, at the Watergate
ABC News (blog)
One June 17, 40 years ago, five men broke into Democratic offices at the Watergate hotel and office building, and were caught — an event that would change both politics and journalism in the United States. Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, the ...
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WikiLeaks reveals US concerns over Televisa-Peña Nieto links in 2009
The Guardian
The claims are supported by documents seen by the Guardian, which also implicate other politicians in buying news and entertainment coverage. One cable, written shortly after US embassy officials were taken on a tour of Mexico State when Peña Nieto was ...
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The Guardian
US diplomat Feltman named new UN political chief
UNITED NATIONS (AP) — Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has appointed Jeffrey Feltman, who just stepped down as the top US diplomat for the Middle East, as the new UN political chief. UN spokesman Martin Nesirky on Monday announced the appointment of ...
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Washington Politics Remains Uncomfortable With Latino Affairs
Huffington Post
In Latin America, where Univision is king, the politics of promising is serious. In Spanish, promising something makes you "promised" (prometido) to it. Obama promised Univision's Jorge Ramos an acceptable comprehensive immigration reform bill during ...
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Politicians of the 'centre ground' have led us to the brink of catastrophe
The Independent (blog)
By James Bloodworth The era of moderate politicians is at an end. Right across Europe many people who grew up on a diet of consumerism and political cynicism are beginning to shake-off apathy and re-engage. As a consequence, from the Élysée Palace to ...
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The Independent (blog)
Vouchers Unspoken, Romney Hails School Choice
New York Times
His plans, presented in a recent speech at the US Chamber of Commerce, represent a broad overhaul of current policy, one that reverses a quarter-century trend, under Republican and Democratic presidents, of concentrating responsibility for school ...
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New York Times

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Logic, Humanism And American Politics
By Sarge
Logic, Humanism And American Politics. Posted by: Sarge on Monday, June 11, 2012, 9:19. Tagged with: Culture. Humanism focuses on human values. It concerns human's logic based understanding of moral stance as opposed to divine ...
The Hayride
Can Bernanke Really Save Us? - TalkLeft: The Politics Of Crime
By Big Tent Democrat
Tweet. The drumbeat for Ben Bernanke to save us is getting louder from Democratic pundits. Brad Plumer at Ezra's place: So can anything break the economy out of its current doldrums? If natural forces aren't going to produce a fast recovery, ...
Officials: US commerce secretary suffered seizure - Charlotte Observer
By Associated Press (RAQUEL DILLON and GREG RISLING)
A succession of small fender benders over the weekend raises questions about whether U.S. Commerce Secretary John Bryson has a medical or legal problem - or both.
The Charlotte Observer -- News...
talk_politics: Is There House for all of us?
During my long and winding road through undergraduate hell, I took a developmental psychology class (basically a fancy way of saying "we will explore how we learn and develop over time the way we do"); the concept of Maslow's Hierarchy ...
Talk politics.

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Comment | Tehran's Views on U.S. Politics and Nuclear Talks - PBS
Behind the Curtain | Iranian Graphic Designer Wins Prestigious Award · Comment | Tehran's Views on U.S. Politics and Nuclear Talks · Photo Essay | Paris: ...
Letters: Politics and prejudice in the USA | World news | The Guardian
Letters: The Mormon church pursues a vitriolic attitude towards gay people. A vote for Mitt Romney is a vote for prejudice.

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