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Hemorrhoid Facts

Hemorrhoids are subject to a lot of speculation and misconception. Knowledge is the only way to sift the facts from the fluff, and to properly treat and prevent hemorrhoids from ever returning.
What are Hemorrhoids?
Hemorrhoids are a set of blood vessels in the anal canal which help with stool control. Hemorrhoids, when inflamed, can cause red, itchy bumps near the anus, or bleeding when having a bowel movement. These can be caused by pressure on the anal canal, either from consistent diarrhea, consistent constipation, pregnancy, or even from being overweight.
Symptoms of Hemorrhoids
Itching and pain during bowel movement are two of the most common symptoms of hemorrhoids. With external hemorrhoids, a large painful bump protrudes near the anus, which makes it difficult for the person to sit for long periods of time or move with agility. Additionally, a person with external hemorrhoids may also experience bleeding during bowel movements.
Treatment of Hemorrhoids
Many people believe that the only way to treat hemorrhoids is by surgery. This is simply untrue. Treatments like applying ice or taking a sitz bath take the edge off a hemorrhoid flare-up. Also, laying down on your stomach with a pillow under your pelvis may also help alleviate pain from the hemorrhoid flare-up, and will also help in reducing the swelling associated with the flare-up. Additionally, wearing loose-fitting cotton underwear will also help with the treatment of hemorrhoids, as they will prevent moisture build-up and also will allow freedom of movement to prevent pressure on the anal area.
Most of the time, surgery is just unnecessary in the treatment of hemorrhoids. However, if you have stage four internal hemorrhoids, then they may not be cured by any way other than surgery. This happens when the hemorrhoid becomes so enlarged that it protrudes out the anus, and is unable to be pushed back in manually. As you can see, this is the most severe of cases, and the only one which always needs surgery in order to treat.
Prevention of Hemorrhoids
The prevention of hemorrhoids is a person's number one defense in relieving symptoms from hemorrhoids. In order to prevent hemorrhoids, you must ensure that the pressure on the vessels in the anal canal is kept to a minimum. This is done by reducing the amount of time an anal canal has pressure, which is caused by constipation, diarrhea, or weight. Therefore, eating correctly is essential to the prevention of hemorrhoids. Food with high fiber, such as beans, will help to regulate a person's system, and allow normal bowel movements. Because normal bowel movements won't put large amounts of pressure on the vessels of the anal canal, the frequency and severity of the hemorrhoids will decrease. Additionally, exercising the muscles in this area will strengthen them, making it less likely for the flare-ups to occur.
Hemorrhoids are a source of pain and discomfort for many people. However, with proper treatment and prevention techniques, hemorrhoids can be controlled. Once they are under control, if the person maintains their prevention methodology, they can have a normal, healthy life without hemorrhoids returning.

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