Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hey has anyone else found a good evony guide?

I couldn't stand wasting all my time building my cities. It takes so long. It took me forever to figure out all of the small things of how to build and what to research to help me grow quickly. I searched all of the forums and found that even though there is a lot of information in there, it seems to be all over the place. I really needed something that was not only designed to help get me off to a good quick start, I needed an evony guide that would teach me all of the secrets to attacking and defending well. I looked all over and found a great evony guide that holds a ton of secrets for building, attacking, defending, and so much more. The evony guide I found has over 90 pages. Someone had sent me another guide but it really has nothing like this one. I found that this evony guide was made by a guy named James Ruben, and I even found what server he was on and have spoken to him. Maybe I should say thanked him for all his work in creating this evony guide. Thanks to James and his evony guide, I have 8 huge cities and a great big army that I plunder people with. Here is just a small sample of the information in the guide. I'm really not supposed to give out information without his approval so I'll have to just give you little samples.

Here are just a few of the topics in his Advanced Strategies section:
-Quick City Growth Guide (perfect for new server)
- Well Built City vs. Poorly Built City
-Advanced Farming Guide
-Medal Farming

A few samples of the section on Battle strategies:
-Layered Armies
-Raiding Cities
-Advanced Take Downs
-Defensive Strategies

Before James goes into more detail, he gives over 75 great quick to learn tips. Here are 3 actual tips from his evony guide.

The Academy is very important. Your academy research can speed the production time of buildings, troops, or the gathering of resources. In the later stages your academy can provide bonuses to your troops in battle or longer range for your archers.

Archers are the best troop type in the game. Make lots and lots of them.

Mayors with high Politics (POL) affect the building times of structures, the collecting of resources, and the building times of defences on your walls.

Not to mention that his evony guide has a very quick 100 step guide to building a new city from scratch. The 100 step guide is intended for a new server so some of the valley building can change to focus on certain resources as a second or third city.

I was so excited to have found the evony guide and just wanted to pass it on to anyone that is interested in playing and growing faster with such a great evony guide.


Source White Market

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