Thursday, June 7, 2012

How To Place A Photo Into Text

Have you always wondered how to put photos into text using Photoshop? This Photoshop trick is perfect for creating simple yet cool looking headers for your websites or blogs. Say you are planning on setting up a website, but you are totally clueless on how to design the header and hiring a professional graphic designer is out of your budget, no worries, with Photoshop you can bang out a simple and sleek looking website header in no time by applying this really cool Photoshop trick. You can also use this effect to create magazine covers, movie posters, ebook covers and much, much more.Ok, without further ado, here are the steps on how to place a photo into text:

  1. Open a new file then go over to the Horizontal Type Tool or vertical Type Tool and click on the icon. Next just type whatever text you want using the type tool.
  2. Open up a photo that you wish to place inside the text and the go to Select > Select All (alternately hit ctrl+A on the keyboard).
  3. Once you've selected the whole image or photo, just go over to Edit > Copy (ctrl+ C on the keyboard).
  4. Next head over to image where you created the text and hit ctrl + V on the keyboard or go to Edit > Paste. Now you have pasted the whole photo onto the text but how do you place it into the text? Take a look at your layer palette; notice that the image layer (layer 1) is right above the text layer? Yes? Cool, because in the next step you will discover how to insert the image layer into the text layer via the layer palette.
  5. Go over to the layer palette and hold the Alt key on your keyboard. Then move the cursor right between the layer that contains your photo and the text layer. Once you do this, you should be able to see that the cursor has changed shape.
  6. Left click on the mouse and bingo! You have successfully placed a photo into text. Of course you can still make some adjustments like moving or resizing the photo inside the text or even the text itself, so that the whole effect looks just right. Simply use the Move Tool (V) to move the image around or go to Edit > Free Transform (ctrl+ T) to resize the photo.

That is how you do a photo into text trick in Photoshop. It's so simple isn't it? You can also spice up the whole thing by adding a few layer effects like bevel and emboss and what not. With Photoshop, anything is possible so get creative!

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