Thursday, June 14, 2012

How to Quit Smoking & Clean Your Lungs of Toxins


How to quit smoking is one of the biggest questions facing long-term smokers that have realized the damage they are doing to themselves and want to do something about it. However, the bigger question is actually what are you going to do AFTER you quit smoking!
This is because quitting smoking will not save you from all the poisons and tar that have been filling your lungs for so many years. You may think that you breathe out all of the rubbish you inhale, but the truth of the matter is that a substantial amount clings to the inside of your lungs. While the body can get rid of some of this deadly mixture of ash, tar, and toxins, the amount you have smoked is often well beyond the natural healing abilities of the body for what can be many years after you stop smoking.
So what is the answer?
You must conquer the mental barriers that are addicting you to smoking and that inhibit your body's attempts to clean your lungs of toxins!
This is because the addiction to cigarettes is more than just the physical withdrawals that nicotine causes. It is also a deep and ingrained psychological addiction that has taken root in your mind. Focusing just on the physical symptoms and thinking that is the way to beat cigarettes will not work if you ignore your own mind's powerful influence.
This also applies to cleaning your lungs of toxins that have been trapped in your chest causing infections and disease. With a poor mental state you firstly cannot stop the smoking that is causing them damage, but you also lower your body's defenses against these poisons that can lead to many lung diseases; including the dreaded cancer. If you train your brain to be able to cope with what is a considerable change in lifestyle, cleanse your lungs and lower the stress levels that inhibit natural healing, you will find this a powerful way to get better lung health and quit smoking.
So do not just look at the physical when dealing with your health, make good use of the power of your mind and its influences on the physical body. For more information on how to achieve this to quit smoking and gain clean lungs, click below to super charge your lung health!

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