Thursday, June 14, 2012

How You Can Get Rid of Asthma Triggers

When you or someone dear to you suffers from asthma you must make sure that you eliminate all the allergens from inside the house which can trigger an asthma attack. It is almost impossible to clear the house from any possible threat, but with constant care and proper cleaning measures you can make of your house a safe environment for an asthmatic person.

The first thing one has to do when there is an asthmatic in the house is to remove all the wall to wall carpeting. The carpets are the best places where dust, animal hair and bacteria can gather, so that removing them will significantly diminish the amount of allergens from the house. If you cannot stay without having anything on the floor, choose to decorate your house using area rugs. They are much easier to clean and they give a chic air to your house.

Then, you will have to pass to cleaning all the beddings and curtains. Fabrics in general tend to accumulate more dust. This may also be because they cannot be cleaned daily, just as the other surfaces, like floors or furniture, can. In order to make sure that the person suffering of asthma has a good night sleep and can safely stay near any curtain or bedding from the house you should wash them at least once a week at a high temperature. This will ensure that no dust and other allergens are sheltered in the fabric for a long time.

Next, make sure that nobody smokes inside the house. If there are people living in the house who are smoking, ask them to smoke outside. Also, if you have guests who smoke, explain them politely your situation and invite them to smoke outside too. This way, the air from the house will become much cleaner and the risk of having an asthma attack will be significantly reduced. Also, install an air cleaner or mount an air filter to your air conditioning. Thus, all the dust particles and mold will be kept inside the filter and the air will become breathable even for an asthmatic.

Put these measures into practice and the risk of an asthma attack will significantly decrease. Thus, you will transform your house into a proper home for the persons from your family who suffer of asthma.

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