Thursday, June 14, 2012

Keeping Him Honest With Modern Technology


At this point, more than half of the marriages in the United States end in divorce. Years of marital bliss have been thrown away like yesterday's trash for reasons ranging from how one person puts the toothpaste away to the other one snoring. Some of the reasons that are brought before the judge are downright silly. But, there is no doubt that nothing will shatter a marriage like infidelity. When someone cheats on his or her mate, all trust is lost and they can never look at each other the same way again. Some couples have made the effort to stay together through it all, but the stigma never actually leaves the relationship.
More often than not, when one mate cheats, the other can't see themselves staying together with the guilty mate. This is a devastating situation for everyone involved, and it is magnified even more if there are children involved. For this reason, even the suspicion of a spouse's infidelity can drive a wedge between a couple that is difficult to get over. Many couples have fallen apart simply because one mate thought the other was cheating on them. For example, imagine yourself as a spouse who notices an unknown telephone number on your spouse's cell phone. In considering who this mystery caller could be, you realize you've noticed your mate doing more overtime than usual at the office. There have even been some times when he or she has been out into the night with no explanation beyond having a lot to do at work.
But now, combined with the mysterious cell phone number on their phone, your worst fears begin to appear in your mind. What if he's seeing someone from the office? Would he do that to me and the kids? How could he? How DARE HE? Suddenly, as emotions come into play, your fears have turned to suspicious anger and you are looking at your spouse in a different way. Before this suspicion gets out of hand, consider an alternative:
Using the Internet and one of dozens of investigative websites, you can do a reverse cell phone lookup on that mystery number to determine who it belongs to, and some other interesting information about that person. Maybe your fears are completely unfounded. Maybe your spouse has no idea who this person is either, which is why he's never picked up the line when they call. Or, maybe you're absolutely right. The cell phone is owned by a girl that works at your husband's office and she is calling every few evenings, just before he decides he needs to go back to the office for a few hours. Either way, now you have the facts, and can allow them to dictate how you react rather than allowing blind suspicion and emotion to rule the day.

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