Thursday, June 14, 2012

Long Lost Friends


Kayla Martin and Danni Grisso were inseparable through school. When Danni moved to the neighborhood in fourth grade, the bus was full of kids that could be kind of harsh. As children often do, the children on the bus teased Danni for having braces and glasses. She felt alone and alienated for an entire week until Kayla caught the bus one morning. Kayla asked if she could sit in the seat next to Danni and instantly, the two were best friends. They shared lunch, secrets and sleepovers from fourth grade until their junior year. That year, Danni's family moved again. Because her father was in the military, they were lucky to have lived there that long.
At first, Kayla and Danni exchanged letters and phone calls, but as things got busy after graduation and life got hectic, the two lost touch. Danni married and had children and Kayla entered college, training to be a teacher and also ended up marrying and having children. Although the two of them lost touch, they often thought of each other and wondered how they were doing. After Danni's divorce, she realized that she had been too busy with married life and work to make many real friends and she had no one to talk to or to identify with. This is when her thoughts continuously went back to Kayla.
One day, while browsing the internet, Danni came across a website that claimed to find addresses and phone numbers simply by entering a name. Danni began to wonder if this site could help her find her friend. She doubted it because she assumed that Kayla had married and her last name had changed. However, just for kicks she decided to type in Kayla's name and old address. Within seconds, a new address and phone number popped up, along with Kayla's new married name and more. She was able to find out who Kayla had married through her marriage license.
The strangest thing was that Kayla only lived 120 miles from Danni! With nervous fingers, Danni called up her old friend. When she heard that old, familiar voice, Danni was mentally transported to the past; a time years and years ago when the two of them would laugh and giggle well into the early morning hours. Kayla was absolutely thrilled to speak with her old best friend. Just like that day on the bus, the two of them instantly became best friends again. They talked very often on the phone and planned visits. Their children became quick friends as well. Danni soon left her old house with the memories of her husband and marriage and moved within 20 miles of Kayla. It was just like old times! If not for, Danni and Kayla may have spent the rest of their lives wondering about each other rather than enjoying their old friendship once again.

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