Saturday, June 9, 2012

Quick Tips to Making Money with Amazon Affiliate WordPress Sites

If you have been searching for the fastest, most professional way to create Amazon Affiliate sites using Wordpress then your search is over.
There are a couple of things you should do to start the process which is the basic starting point.

Decide on your topic:
You're going to be doing product reviews and recommendations, so pick a topic that you enjoy and know something about. If you can't stay passionate about the topic, that will show, and it also won't hold your interest. Choose a narrow enough niche to be distinctive, e.g., bands from your city, left-handed guitarists, music for a certain kind of dancing, authors of a certain religion, books about arts & crafts, etc.

Choose Your Domain:
Make it keyword-rich, not clever. Think how people will find your site in the search engines and make the domain similar to the product, for example or something similar.

Next you want to install our theme

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 and enter the information relative to the product you are promoting. Our theme is very flexible and versatile with a wide range of options all designed to increase commissions and help your site get found on the web.

Building Amazon Affiliate sites has never been easy. We set out to make this process almost fool proof so you don't have to take extra time out of your day to start earning income using Amazon.

We highly recommend using the Amazon Wordpress Theme because of it's proven ability to convert visitors into buyers. We are certain you will find it is the best way to get on the road to becoming an Amazon Super Affiliate!

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