Saturday, June 9, 2012

Sound Therapy: The Secret Defence Technique To Eliminate Stress

Stress is something that all of us experience throughout our lives. There are so many factors that cause stress that impact us every day. Work schedules, commuting, relationships, health problems and any number of other outside forces invade our lives and cause us distress.

We are human so stress is an inevitable part of our existence however, stress can cause problems to your both physical and emotional health. High levels of stress can cause a decline in life satisfaction, create problems with concentration, and even cause depression and anxiety.

Even though stress cannot be avoided, there are ways in which it can be reduced, if not completely alleviated. Sound therapy is an effective treatment for the relief of stress and anxiety when life's demands become overwhelming.  Sound therapy is not difficult to do.  It consists of listening to relaxing, therapeutic sounds or music for several hours per day. 

This can happen by listening to soothing sounds, such as the sounds of a gentle creek flowing, are used.  Often times, sound therapy consists of music therapy.  Music therapy is the listening of soft, relaxing music in a session, promoting relaxation. 

There are different ways in which sound therapy is used as a technique for relieving stress and anxiety.  

1) By repeatedly listening can have a long-term calming effect two to three hours per day can help with stress management.  But may need to be more or less depending on the situation Music therapy helps increase concentration and memory as well as reduces stress.

 2) Sound therapy can be combined with exercise, such as walking, to help elevate mood as well as physical health.

 3) Yoga is commonly used while practicing sound therapy. Slow, controlled movements and stretching of the muscles while listening to soothing sounds creates a relaxing experience.

4) Listening to the right music or sounds can enhance the benefits of meditation. Clearing the mind can reduce stress and worry.

5) Sound therapies can be combined with specific visualizations to help create calmer thoughts.
Music that is rhythmic stimulates brain waves. With the right brainwave entertainment, even physical healing can take place during sound therapy. 

A slow, steady rhythm can soothe the mind. When the mind is calm, the body and spirit will naturally align positively, healing itself. 

However, remembering to create the right environment for sound therapy is important for relaxation.  There is nothing more powerful than the human mind.  Sound therapy can help keep the mind healthy, therefore keeping the rest of the body healthy as well. 

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