Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thursday's Daily Brief: Introducing Huffington, iPad Factory Suicide, Nokia Layoffs, Plus Michael Bloomberg, James Franco, Greta Van Susteren

Thursday, June 14, 2012
Arianna Huffington: I'm delighted to introduce you to our new iPad magazine. At HuffPost, we now have nearly 500 editors and reporters who produce between 70 and 80 original reported stories each day. Our team is constantly crafting an array of narrative jewels, and Huffington is our way of putting the very best of them in the perfect setting. Far from merely importing material from HuffPost, Huffington will bring the qualities that define HuffPost -- storytelling, engagement, community -- to this uniquely expressive medium, designed and produced by our iPad magazine's team of editors and designers. Think of Huffington as HuffPost's more stylish offspring. Same DNA, different presentation. And since engagement is a big part of everything we do, stories can be shared by Facebook, Twitter, and email, and they end with a comment bubble: tap it, share your comment, and continue the conversation.
Elderly Inmate Population Soared 1,300 Percent Since 1980s: Report
iPad Factory Reports Worker Suicide
WATCH: Amnesty Accuses Syria Of War Crimes
New Romney Ad Is Mirror Image Of One Released By Obama In 2008
Nokia Plans To Cut 10,000 Jobs
Bob Cesca: Why Exactly Does Romney Want Fewer Firefighters, Police and Teachers?
Mitt Romney operates under the false assumption that government is like a business. This drives his distaste for spending federal money on our most crucial public servants. He said so, and he needs to be asked why. A lot.
Michael R. Bloomberg: The Mayors Challenge
Cities are uniquely positioned to solve our country's greatest challenges. The Mayors Challenge will award $9 million to five cities that come up with bold ideas for solving major problems and improving city life.
Kathy Freston: 3 Reasons Your Diet Isn't Working
Losing weight may have been hard thus far, but it doesn't have to be. Let's look at three of the reasons your diet has probably not been working, and then I'll show you how to change things up.
Greta Van Susteren: Candidate Fundraising: Is This All Messed Up, or Am I Wrong?
With all that is going on in the world, would it not be great if the candidates stopped the 'speed dating' fundraising and really talked to America and listened to America -- not with and to just the ones with their wallets open?
James Franco: Summer Reading Part 4: Split Narrative In 'The Marriage Plot'
In The Marriage Plot, Eugenides alternates between two protagonists as they wind through their lives toward each other. By braiding these two protagonists together, he is able to link them emotionally.

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