Thursday, June 14, 2012

Unlocking the Hidden Potential of Macros in WoW

Nearly everyone is familiar with the simplest kinds of macros to be found in the World of Warcraft game – if only by observing people who are using these macros. The easiest macro to make is one which has your character say something or carry out an emote while casting a spell or using an ability. For example, a paladin might make use of a macro like this for casting the Consecration spell:
/cast Consecration
/yell Burn in righteous fire!
Whenever you click the macro button or trigger it with your keyboard, your paladin will cast Consecration, and simultaneously shout "Burn in righteous fire!" (a quote from Arcanist Doan in Scarlet Monastery which seem appropriate for the more militant type of paladins).
Macros are useful for much more than a fun gimmick like shouting a battlecry or making a comment when your character casts a spell, however. Macros are short scripts – effectively, small in game programs – which let your character carry out a brief sequence of actions automatically once you have activated the macro button. Quite a bit of sophistication is possible with macros – for example, you can make a macro which will cast a spell on the first living enemy you mouse over, or even more conditional situations.
Writing a good macro is a blend of art and science, since macros need to be kept brief (the limit to their length is 255 characters), and must make "sense" to the computer program; that is, they must be written with the properly formatted commands that will cause your character to do what you want them to, within the limits of the game and their class and spec powers.
Macros are an immensely powerful, useful tool for all situations in World of Warcraft, letting you maximize your character's potential and provide split second reactions in the fast paced, lethal circumstances of PvP, arenas, or boss fights in endgame raids. They are also useful to your character throughout their career, increasing damage, healing, and effectiveness by ensuring that short but crucial series of actions are carried out in the proper sequence and as quickly as cooldowns will allow.
If you are ever wondering how an enemy character in a battleground unleashes a rapid-fire sequence of perfectly timed abilities that blast your character to the graveyard, or how top tanks and healers extract their groups from seemingly impossible situations, the answer is that they are almost certainly using macros. You can get a head start on finding, writing, and using high quality macros today by making use of the unique IWinButtons guide, a guide to macros and keybindings that contains everything you need to know about these game-boosting tools.


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