Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wednesday's Daily Brief: Arianna On Iraq And Iran, Obama Documents Leaked, Iraq Violence, Plus Marlo Thomas, Kirk Douglas, Mohamed A. El-Erian

Wednesday, June 13, 2012
Arianna Huffington: With the war there officially "ended" and most of our troops back home, Iraq isn't getting much ink these days. But the story is far from over. And Iraq's closest partnership is no longer with the U.S. but with its Shiite neighbor, Iran. I point this out not to add to the fear-mongering and saber-rattling currently fashionable in D.C., but to highlight the absurdity of rattling those sabers at Iran without acknowledging the role our disastrous war in Iraq played in making Iran more powerful. "The war in Iraq will soon belong to history," proclaimed President Obama as he marked the occasion of bringing the last troops home. But while the military chapter of that disastrous undertaking might belong to history, its consequences belong very much to the present.
Obama Trade Document Leaked, Reveals New Corporate Powers And Broken Campaign Promises
Wave Of Bomb Attacks Kills 53 In Iraq
DOJ Takes Big Action Against Florida Voter Purge
Mitt Romney Wrong By Billions On Federal Spending
Greeks Withdrawing Cash, Stocking Up On Food Ahead Of Election
Marlo Thomas: Ms. Magazine, Wonder Woman and 40 Years of Change
You can't judge a book by its cover. But you can absolutely judge a magazine that way -- because the cover is a good indication of what the magazine cares about. And that is precisely, why 40 years ago, women everywhere began grabbing up Ms. magazine with both hands. From the start -- and continuing today -- those covers have instantly told you that Ms. cared about what women cared about.
Kirk Douglas: We Are Spartacus
When you reach 95, after you get over your surprise, you start looking back. I've been thinking a lot about my parents, Russian immigrants who came to this country in 1912 -- exactly one hundred years ago.
Geoffrey R. Stone: Fixing Citizens United
There are those who say that money doesn't really matter. What matters, they say, is the quality of the candidates and the strength of their ideas. Unfortunately, in a world of high-stakes and high-cost media, this is nonsense.
Sallie Krawcheck: How to Make Banks Less Risky
If our societal goal is to reduce risk in banks, bank boards should compensate management teams not just in the bank's equity, but a combination of the equity and fixed income instruments of the institution.
Mohamed A. El-Erian: Spain Shows Policymakers Are Running Out of Time
Monday's disappointing market reception to the bailout package for Spanish banks is a reminder to European policymakers of something that is more than familiar to veteran sovereign crisis managers in emerging countries: The greater the erosion of policymaking credibility, the harder it is to get the private sector to buy into your plans. As a result, rather than crowd in private capital, seemingly bold policy measures end up facilitating its exit. The answer is not to do less but, rather, to be more comprehensive and coherent in what you do. Difficult decisions need to be made now, and not just about individual countries but also about the composition and functioning of the euro zone as a whole. There is still time for policymakers to regain control. But not much.

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