Monday, June 11, 2012

Why It Is Important to Address Angular Cheilitis from the First Signs

Chapped lips, cracks in the area around the mouth and pain when you open your mouth, these are the first signs that an Angular Cheilitis is about to invade the corners of your lips and will start to trouble your life. With time, these symptoms become more and more acute. Thus, the cracks grow deeper and deeper and transform into painful sores, while the pain you feel when opening your mouth grows significantly as time goes by. In addition to that, the cracks soon begin to bleed and the infection with different bacteria or fungi is just a matter of time. In most of the cases, candida albicans is the bacterium which affects Angular Cheilitis sufferers.

All this process happens quite fast and in about a week you can go from a perfect healthy person to an Angular Cheilitis sufferer, who cannot eat, drink, laugh or speak properly any more, a person who is embarrassed to get out of the house because of the way the skin from around their lips looks like. This is why, it is highly essential that you start an appropriate treatment from the very first signs of cheilosis. Using at least a lip balm that does not contain any perfume or colorants each and every time /you feel that the area is too dry, preventing your saliva or sweat from reaching in the affected areas and maintain a perfect hygiene are some of the steps, which if done from the apparition of this skin condition may stop its evolution, make it less violent and decrease the amount of time it will take to heal.

In addition to that, taking vitamin supplements, having a balanced diet and avoid humid places, cold places or places where there is dust will significantly contribute to the minimization of Angular Cheilosis' effects and will make it more bearable for the person who has to deal with it. A visit to the doctor is also recommended, so that you will be given some ointments or creams which can treat this condition and at the same time see which the vitamins your body lack are, so that you can address this issue fast too.

When dealing with Angular Cheilitis, the more time you waste postponing the time when you start your treatment, the more time you will have to cope with this condition. Thus, if you do not want the cracks to aggravate and start bleeding, move fast and start a treatment right from the first symptoms.

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