Monday, December 27, 2010

'Anchor Babies' Congress Grapples Making Illegal Immigrants, Illegal

WASHINGTON – In January 2011, The House will be in Republican hands. In a few weeks, Congress will no longer be trying to help illegal immigrants to be legal. The debate will shift to the meaning of the 14th amendment to the constitution. Does the constitutional citizenship include children born to parents who are in the country illegally?  
Is automatic U.S. citizenship a right to be granted to people whose sole purpose for having a baby is to fill a legal loop hole that allows them avoid deportation?
Will the republicans really go after this issue and risk losing growing Latino vote?
This is likely to come up very early in the next session.
After they deal with this issue, congress will try and tackle the “E-Verify” system that is supposed to make it easy for employers to know for sure that their employees are legal U.S. workers.
Democrats ended the year failing for a second time to win passage of the Dream Act, which would have given hundreds of thousands of young illegal immigrants a chance at legal status. House Republicans will try to fill the immigration reform vacuum left by Democrats with legislation designed to send illegal immigrants packing and deter others from trying to come to the U.S.
What are the Democrats going to do? They will still have a hold on the Senate, but even with a majority in both houses they were not able for a second time to pass the Dream Act, a bill that would have given hundreds of thousands legal status.  
Will President Barack Obama veto any bill denying citizenship to children of illegal immigrants?

P.V. Street
What do you think?

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