Thursday, December 30, 2010

Comparison: Nook Color e-Reader Vs. eInk, iPad and Kindle

If you saw the Nook from last year and were disapointed, don't think you will see the same thing with the Nook Color -- it is much better.  The new color touchscreen is seven inches. It is easy to navigate and read. The Nook Color gives the user of a device between a iPad and the Kindle. The price is in the middle too at around$250.
If you want to play game or download apps the Nook Color will leave you wanting because it is a dedicated eReader, books only.
The Nook Color beats similar products in the same class because its screen unlike many others, is made to read. There have been reports that some other color eBook readers give readers headaches. The Nook Color has a similar technology used in the Apple iPad. It gives readers a crisp image that is virtually glare-free. You can read for hours without eye discomfort.

Nook Color Vs. the eInk

The eInk looks like one is reading a paper. The Nook Color washes out in broad daylight, but the eInk does not.  eInk does not show color, scroll or zoom on images, just like a real book, and it can't be read in a low light room. The Nook Color can be read in the dark. The Nook Color wins against the eInk.

Nook Color Vs. the Kindle
The Kindle is $100 cheaper, ways half as much and is therefore a lot easier to carry around, but you can not get books from a public library like you can with the Nook Color.

Nook Color Vs. the iPad
The iPad screen is double the size of the Nook Color. Making the iPad better for reading newspapers and magazines.  The iPad cost twice as much. The brightness on the Nook Color can be turned up way brighter than the iPad. You can actually read in total darkness with the Nook Color, no problem.  The Nook Color is way behind the iPad when it comes to the number of online bookstores and downloads available to the iPad. The Nook Color allows access to the internet. it has apps for a few games and Pandora.

Bottom line: The Nook Color is good for what it does. It is priced right and offers a great deal of functionality for the price.

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