Wednesday, January 26, 2011

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John Ivison: Liberals might be onto something in tax-cut opposition
National Post
For once, the Conservative spin-machine seems to be on the back foot, which is odd since the prospect of the Liberal party campaigning against cuts they ...
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German EU liberal: Greek restructuring must happen
Wolf Klinz is among the first to clearly outline the position of Germany's liberal Free Democrats (FDP) on the controversial issue of restructuring. ...
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Cancelling tax cuts bad policy, Mintz says
National Post
OTTAWA - Rolling back federal corporate tax cuts, as the Liberal party has vowed to do if elected, would be "irresponsible policy" and hurt Canada's ...
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The Lib Dems reject Ed Miliband's overtures (again)
Then, he said that he would actually work with those dying Liberals, but only if they ditched Nick Clegg first. And then today, in an interview with the ...
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NB Liberals lend support after French school district rejects spending cuts
Truro Daily News
FREDERICTON - New Brunswick's Liberal leader is applauding a francophone district education council for rejecting the provincial government's demand to cut ...
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Humane Society of the United States another liberal lie
Dakota Voice
By Dr. Theo on January 26th, 2011 Liberals can never be forthright in their motives and intentions. They always try to hide who they really are and often by ...
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