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Imam Stirs Confusion Regarding Islam Center
New York Times
By PAUL VITELLO Two weeks after the developer of a controversial Islamic center and mosque planned near ground zero distanced himself from the imam who ...
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2011 revolt in Egypt is not about Islam
San Francisco Chronicle
It is as if the 1979 Iranian revolution wrote and sealed the history of Islamic countries by condemning and linking any sign of uprising to Islamic ...
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(C) Summary: Saif al-Islam al-Qadhafi has established a new human rights organization, the Arab Alliance for Democracy, Development and Human Rights, ...
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What's role of Islam in Egypt's future?
USA Today
By Cathy Lynn Grossman, USA TODAY Despite a cloud of western fear over the prospect of overtly Muslim voices -- conflating Islamic and Islamist (political) ...
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USA Today
Islam Rising Demographically
The New American
The Archbishop of Canterbury has suggested that Sharia or Islamic law in England "seems unavoidable." Public schools there serve halal (Muslim-approved) ...
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(C) Summary: An ongoing dialogue between the quasi-governmental Qadhafi Development Foundation (QDF) and the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) has ...
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Crowds cheer return of exiled Islamic leader
Sydney Morning Herald
Some Tunisians fear that a revival of Islam could hurt their hard-won gains and quality of life, or inspire a movement like the al-Qaeda-linked network that ...
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Sydney Morning Herald
Islamic scholar to speak on future of Islam-West relations Feb. 16 at MSU
Montana State University
Islamic scholar John Esposito will speak on the future of Islam and Islam-West relations, at 7 pm Wednesday, Feb. 16, in Montana State University's Strand ...
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IB man in Detroit mosque plot has long criminal past
San Diego Union Tribune
News clippings and court documents paint Stockham as a mentally ill war veteran who at one point converted to Islam, changed his last name to Hem Ahadin, ...
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Tunisia may be a democratic beacon, but Islamists will profit
Daily Star - Lebanon
But large swaths of young Tunisians, in their desperation, were already turning to Islam before the recent protests began. The new regime, in the name of ...
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Females cannot perform marriage ceremonies under Islam, declares ...
By Ahmed Nazeer
I strongly condemn minivan news for publishing all these anti-islam things in their website. Maldivian muslims will never accept that. I do hope the authorities take the strongest possible action against it soon. ...
Minivan News - http://minivannews.com/
Top Church leader calls for 'silent majority' to oppose radical ...
Pakistan's top Catholic leader, Archbishop Lawrence J. Saldanha of Lahore, says it is time for the.
CNA Daily News - http://www.catholicnewsagency.com/
The surest alternative to Islamic fundamentalism is democracy ...
By Daniel Hannan
caption id="attachment_100074181" align="alignnone" width="450" caption=" Fighting fundamentalism with repression has failed spectacularly in its own terms"][/caption] I once read a mildly funny book called "Yes, but is it good for the ...
News - http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/
Kenyan Youngster Islam Omar To Join Fellow Countryman Dennis ...
Nairobi Football Academy's midfielder Islam Omar would be joining Kenyan star striker Dennis Oliech at French Ligue 1 side, AJ Auxerre, after impressing during trials at the club recently but Omar will have to wait until he turns 18 ...
Goal.com News - Africa - http://www.goal.com/en/feeds/news?id=89&fmt=rss
Italian Foreign Minister Warns of Radical Islam in Egypt | FrumForum
By FrumForum News
Recent Posts by FrumForum News. Ex-Airline Employee Admits to Terror Charges; Bloomberg Probes AZ Gun Shows; WH: Huntsman to Step Down; Mubarak Offers Talks with Protesters; Judge Declares Healthcare Law Unconstitutional ...
FrumForum - http://www.frumforum.com/

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Islamic World News
Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau URL: http://www.newageislam.com/ NewAgeIslamIslamicWorldNews_1.aspx?ArticleID=403 6 ------'Egypt needs transition ...
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News 9 new results for Islam news Mosque leaders want a full-time Islamic school in Winston-Salem Winston-Salem Journal Credit: Journal Photo by Lauren ...

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