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Confident Harper asks Ontarians to side with party in power
Globe and Mail
That could restore ridings lost to the Conservatives on the edge of Toronto, in the high-tech hub of Kitchener-Waterloo and in Northern Ontario ridings held by the NDP – which is why Mr. Ignatieff stopped there Monday en route to Vancouver. ...
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Globe and Mail
Parties get ready to empty their clips in battle for the airwaves
Globe and Mail
The Conservatives have "quite a bit of budget remaining for the last week for ads," according to one senior Tory source. The Liberals, meanwhile, will throw everything they possibly can at Canadians hoping something will stick. ...
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Globe and Mail
Cabinet meets in wake of AV war
The Press Association
Meanwhile, Mr Huhne suggested it would be difficult for the two parties to carry on working together unless top Conservatives - including Chancellor George Osborne and Foreign Secretary William Hague - backed down after telling "untruths" during the ...
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ANALYSIS: Surging in polls, NDP set sights on Saskatchewan
While the CCF and NDP have deep roots in the province, the party hasn't held a seat in Saskatchewan since 2004 as the federal Conservatives are now dominant. But a rash of recent national polls have shown the NDP gaining strength — especially in the ...
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Poll: Donald Trump Growing in Popularity Among Conservatives
Christian Post
However, evangelist Franklin Graham's recent remarks show that conservative supporters might not be far behind. In this file photo, Donald Trump waves during the 38th annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington February 10, ...
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Harper spurs local Tories: 'Windsor is coming back'
Windsor Star
I think people in Windsor are turning more Conservative." Sam Marra, 69, a retiree, said he was once a Trudeau Liberal but turned blue when Brian Mulroney became prime minister. He said Harper's Conservatives have done more for this region than any ...
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Conservatives bank on support derived from election fatigue
South Shore Now
by Keith Corcoran Conservative incumbent Gerald Keddy speaks to a campaign volunteer while on the hustings in Newcombville. COUNTY - If there's such thing as election weariness, it's not just inflicting the voters. Four elections in seven years weighs ...
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South Shore Now
Episcopal Church property dispute back in court
The Associated Press
However, it also involved fundamental differences on Scriptural matters, including what some conservatives say is equivocation from Episcopal leadership on the divinity of Christ. The Episcopal Church and its diocese in Virginia sued to gain control of ...
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Aggie Conservatives Denounce Gay Seminar With Single Greatest Quote in 21st ...
Houston Press (blog)
By Richard Connelly, Mon., Apr. 25 2011 @ 4:01PM ​Conservative groups at Texas A&M are shocked if not outraged if not offended if not panties-wadded about a (gasp!) "Safe and Fun Sex" seminar apparently given by the GLBT Resource Center. ...
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Will Conservatives Switch to Pepsi? -- Daily Intel
By Dan Amira
Coca-Cola reportedly pressured King & Spalding to back out of defending DOMA.
Daily Intel -
Bloomberg Urges Conservatives To Accept Immigration; Repeats Call ...
By Staff
At least one major conservative appears to moderating his stance on immigration — though without any apparent connection to Bloomberg's comments. Newt Gingrich, an advocate of tough immigration enforcement, has been taking Spanish ...
Today in Latin America -
Instapundit » Blog Archive » ARE SOCIAL CONSERVATIVES unacceptable ...
By Glenn Reynolds
ARE SOCIAL CONSERVATIVES unacceptable graduation speakers because of their views ? With budgets shrinking and skepticism about the value of higher education growing, one would think that this is a poor time for universities to engage in ...
Instapundit -
The PJ Tatler » For conservatives and libertarians, President ...
By Bryan Preston
To the extent that there is a pattern, Trump has donated to more Democrats than Republicans, and to more "centrist" types than conservatives, and to more leaders than back-benchers. The Donald evidently sought to curry favor with ...
The PJ Tatler -
Conservatives Eye Radical Change : Roll Call Lobbying
By (Janie Lorber)
In the past month, the American Conservative Union, one of the nation s oldest organizations on the right, has begun a makeover, dropping one-third of its staff in search of a new generation of scrappy, agile activists.
Roll Call: Print Edition -

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