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US policy shift builds pressure on Syria
Financial Times
Obeida Nahas, director of the Levant Institute think-tank in London and a member of the Muslim Brotherhood opposition group, said Mr Assad's regime had "only reached this point" because it was allowed to do so by international politics that focused on ...
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Yemen: US Policy Implications of President Saleh's Resignation Offer
The US has a major stake in averting a civil war that would enable AQAP to improve its position within remote sanctuaries in Yemen's tribal badlands. Saleh is a ruthless political survivor who has dominated the tumultuous politics of the Arab world's ...
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The Big Disconnect
New York Times
At some point something is going to happen to topple the political platform — maybe a debt crisis, maybe when China passes the United States as the world's largest economy, perhaps as early as 2016. At that point, we could see changes that are ...
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New York Times
Donald Trump's plan to lower $4-a-gallon gas prices
Christian Science Monitor
That's easy – with his billions he'd buy every voter in the US a Ford Fusion hybrid. Demand would drop, prices would sag, and Detroit would boom, all without any kind of federal buyout. Winning! Actually he's proposed nothing of the sort – we just made ...
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Christian Science Monitor
The (not so) secret history of the White House Easter Egg Roll
Christian Science Monitor
Like so many things in Washington, the White House Easter Egg Roll is the result of political competition between the executive and legislative branches of the US government. Historical sources differ as to when the practice of Easter egg rolling began ...
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Christian Science Monitor
CNN investigation: Obama 'birther' claims have no merit
CNN International
Abercrombie, who tried to put an end to the controversy when he became governor, told CNN he just hopes that "people who have this political orientation towards the president respect us here in Hawaii." "Respect his mother and father," the governor ...
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Energy policy running on empty
Chicago Sun-Times
Rather than focus on a policy that would use US resources of oil, natural gas and coal to pioneer new fuel sources like alcohol in flex-fuel cars, Obama promotes pie-in-the-sky goals for solar and wind that are decades away. ...
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Whiff of Desperation - by Stephen M. Walt
Foreign Policy
George Washington also warned Americans to avoid "passionate attachments" to any foreign nations, in good part because he believed it would distort US domestic politics and provide avenues for foreign influence. Thus, Oren's highly selective reading of ...
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Washington in a bind as local despots fall
This was, of course, Israel and the constant presence of Israel in American politics. In the last three months alone, Sarah Palin made public plans for a trip to Israel, and the Christian Zionist Mike Huckabee said that the US ought to "encourage the ...
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S&P's rating partly reflects politics
Mansfield News Journal
Analysts have been warning for at least two years that the United States could be put on negative watch. But the timing of the S&P's revision could have serious political ramifications. President Barack Obama and the House Republicans have just ...
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Pathetic — the U.S. Economic Decline is going Viral, and the ...
By Dan Perrin (Profile)
This is real simple: The One and Senate Democrats refuse to ever cut spending in a meaningful way. As a result, paltry cuts are well-reported but never.
Dan_Perrin's blog -

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Infographic: U.S. Military Spending Versus Foreign Aid - Politics ...
Where do you think the U.S. government allocates more of its funding?
How Lobbies Distort US Politics | The Global Realm
How Lobbies Distort US Politics. By Lawrence Davidson April 23, 2011. The influence of lobbies and special interests is a structural ...

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