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Rand Paul, Tea Party Ask: What About Privacy?
Rand Paul (R-KY) speaks during a Tea Party Town Hall meeting in February at the National Press Club in Washington. The freshman lawmaker is being hailed by civil libertarians for putting privacy concerns over the Patriot Act back in the spotlight. ...
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Tea Party Fear: Has D.C. Co-Opted New House Members?
U.S. News & World Report (blog)
By Paul Bedard Perfectly timed to Sarah Palin's campaign-style bus tour, the first new book about how Washington has corrupted the dozens of new House Tea Party Republicans is coming out May 31 with a blast at the GOP establishment: Loyalty to the ...
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U.S. News & World Report (blog)
Tea Party-wave freshman Tipton hits politics-as-usual ethics bump
The Colorado Independent
By John Tomasic | 05.27.11 | 8:46 am Third District Colorado Congressman Scott Tipton unseated Democrat John Salazar in last year's Tea Party-fueled Republican wave election, where voters sought to shake up business-as-usual in Washington. ...
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Michele Bachmann and "A Tea Party version of Chatroulette"
Slate Magazine (blog)
Among the casualties of the PATRIOT Act vote were freedom, Pat Leahy's amendment, and any chance of a clean start to Michele Bachmann's presidential campaign. Kevin Hall reports what happened at the Polk County (Des Moines) Republican dinner when ...
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The Tea Party is hunting RINOs in Maine (blog)
But balancing the concerns of voters and the expectations of grassroots activists is becoming harder to do in the age of the Tea Party. Given the momentum enjoyed by the right, RINOs like these may be extinct within a generation. ...
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Press Release: Local Tea Party Opposes SP Budget
The Scotch Plains Fanwood Tea Party (SPFTP) opposes the municipal budget and resulting tax increase approved May 18 by the Scotch Plains Township Council. We believe the budget process should have been carried out from the start with a mandate to keep ...
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Divine Constitutional Abomination
Huffington Post (blog)
Recent news reports have revealed that the nation's largest Tea Party umbrella group is seeking to infiltrate our public schools with the radical theory that the Constitution is divinely inspired. The Tea Party "Patriots" are pushing a constitutional ...
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Lobbyist: Jon Huntsman Jr. should choose tea party running mate
Deseret News
By Jamshid Ghazi Askar, Deseret News Republican lobbyist and former Reagan staffer Ed Rogers has an idea to help Jon Huntsman Jr. secure the support of right-wing Republicans: choose a tea party running mate sooner than later. ...
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Deseret News
Tea Party and Democrats force blight bill deferral
The Daily Advertiser
The battle against blight in Lafayette came to a stalemate Thursday when opposition from both local Tea Party members and Democrats forced a voluntary deferral of a bill in the state Legislature. State Rep. Joel Robideaux, I-45, backed House Bill 531 ...
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No one should take Ky. Tea Party vote for granted
Lexington Herald Leader
What is the Tea Party going to do? Who will its members support? Are they going to throw their support blindly behind Williams and hope for the best? The media is asking the wrong question. The question is: What are the candidates going to do? ...
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In 2012 campaigns, spoilers from the Tea Party worry GOP -
By Alexander Bolton
The Democrats' upset victory in New York's special election Tuesday shows that Tea Party candidates could prevent Republicans from winning the White House and Senate, GOP senators say. The Democrats' upset victory in New York's special ...
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Dean Heller | Tea Party Caucus | Patriot Act | The Daily Caller
Nevada Sen. Dean Heller may be Tea Party, but won't join Tea Party Caucus.
The Daily Caller -
Prairie Weather: Tea party threat
Republicans are looking at what (they're saying) tea party candidate, Jack Davis , did to them in New York state this week. Presumably it wasn't that Republicans really really lost (no! impossible!) it's that the eccentric candidate ...
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Pajamas Media » Will the Tea Party Back Israel?
By Sammy Levine
One of the more interesting events at AIPAC this week was the session titled " The Tea Party and Pro-Israel Politics," which featured tea party regular Dick Armey, Gary Bauer (president of American Values) and Representative Tim Scott ...
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Wonk Room » The Tea Party Rewrites The Constitution
By Guest Blogger
The Georgia-based Tea Party Patriots group plans to "celebrate" our constitution's anniversary on September 17 by pushing schools to incorporate lessons from the Idaho-based National Center for Constitutional Studies. ...
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Tea Party Minority Outreach Project Starts in Texas : Roll Call ...
HOUSTON -- The mostly white crowd that turns up for weekly meetings at King Street Patriots is becoming a problem for tea party leaders.
Does the Tea Party Need a Foreign Policy? | The Heritage Foundation
Tea parties have the opportunity to reject isolationism and advocate the founding principles of America's indispensible role in the world.

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