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Hudak's chain-gang proposal is a danger to public, Liberals warn
Toronto Star
A Liberal government analysis showing Ontario jails incarcerate hundreds of dangerous criminals is poking holes in Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak's pledge to release provincial inmates into chain gangs. Documents obtained by the Star reveal ...
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Peter Reith's election post-mortem urges Liberals to tackle policy
The Australian
TONY Abbott has been told to urgently rebuild the Liberals' policy credentials after an internal party review found a fragmented approach to policy helped cost the Coalition the last federal election. Howard minister Peter Reith's 33-page post-mortem ...
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Egypt frets as military writes rules
Sydney Morning Herald
Liberals here initially welcomed the move as a concession to their demand for a Bill-of-Rights-style guarantee of civil liberties that would limit the potential repercussions of an Islamist victory at the polls. But experts enlisted by the military to ...
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Sydney Morning Herald
Gov. Chris Christie's pension and health care reform a gift to liberals
The Star-Ledger - (blog)
Even liberals should learn to appreciate what he's achieved. If you take the long view, this governor might be remembered as the one who made it possible to save progressive government in New Jersey. Yes, this one needs some explaining. ...
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Kinsella: Bieber and beer part of our values
Toronto Sun
As you may have heard, but likely didn't, some federal Liberals and New Democrats were in a bit of lather last week. During his mandatory annual visit to the Calgary Stampede, Prime Minister Stephen Harper bashed his opponents (as expected) and ...
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Liberals Don't Know What They Don't Know
Big Government
How was it that I was a die-hard Liberal Democrat until the mid-1990's, spent a decade in political exile, before emerging with an "Indepentarian" philosophy? Join me as I go back in time and recount my journey. I went to a high school where the ...
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America's budget crisis: Barack Obama may be about to heal his bitter rift ... (blog)
Liberals have a long list of grievances: Obama extended the Bush-era tax cuts (albeit with plans to redact them on higher incomes), he kept Guantanamo open, he left troops in Afghanistan, he didn't push for the public option in healthcare and he bombed ...
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Obama More Patient Than Job, and More - Latest Liberal Quotes
It's liberal quotes--what else? President Obama's detractors often claim he's treated like a god in the media, and by Democrats and moderates in Congress and around the country. He's been called "the anointed one," "the chosen one," and other names ...
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Democracy for sale: how the political parties raise funds
The Canberra Times
And the Canberra Liberals enlisted a lobbying firm to run their organisation for 12 months, with the hired guns stepping in after the director quit. Advise a firm founded by senior Liberal staffers David Gazard and Chris Fryar provided $170000 worth of ...
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AMERICAblog News: Fox News host Bolling: It's the liberals fault ...
By Chris in Paris
News and opinion about US politics from a liberal/Democratic/progressive perspective.
AMERICAblog News

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