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Debt ceiling struggle exposing dysfunction in the US political system
The Star-Ledger - (blog)
Recent talks over raising the debt ceiling have exposed the dysfunction of the US political system. Republican obstructionists notwithstanding, the federal debt ceiling will be raised. But the struggle has laid bare the degree to which our political ...
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The Star-Ledger - (blog)
Debt ceiling crisis: another day without resolution as the clock ticks
Christian Science Monitor
The political dance over the US debt ceiling crisis continued Sunday with the possibility that top lawmakers could be summoned to the White House, although no meeting had been scheduled. Regarding the debt limit crisis, White House budget director ...
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Christian Science Monitor
As the US nears the brink, the budget row is exposing Republican madness
The Guardian
You're never that far away from the apocalypse in US culture or politics. The most popular books of the past decade, the Left Behind series, are based on a fictionalised account of the Judgment Day. The 12 books sold more than John Grisham. ...
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The Guardian
Elizabeth Warren may be 'wild card' in senate race
Boston Herald
"Politics is about getting even," said Thomas Whalen, a Boston University political history professor. "That would be something to see." "She's a wild card," Watanabe said. "In some ways, she would be the fresh new face, interestingly playing the role ...
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Fallback plan gains momentum indebt talks
MSNBC Politics, Sunday, July 17, 2011, 8:42pm (PDT) With time running short in US debt talks, Republican and Democratic senators sought on Sunday to craft a plan that could avert an unprecedented government default while making modest cuts in the ...
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Key heads to Washington in quest of holy grail
Mr Groser describes the trip as an opportunity to take the pulse of the Americans on TPP and "create the right reaffirmation at the highest political level in the US that everyone's on board the big picture". But Mr Key flies into something of a ...
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Hillary Clinton arrives today for 2nd round of Indo-US strategic talks
Economic Times
On Tuesday, the US Secretary of State will hold a breakfast meeting with the national security adviser followed by the Indo-US dialogue after which she will call on the Prime Minister and will meet several senior political leaders including UPA ...
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US debt battle: Showdown on Capital Hill
The Guardian
How come on foreign - US - politics Guardian Editorials are predictably left of centre, yet, for love of a Liberal Moment, the same detachment is not forthcoming on domestic matters? "Voodoo economics and posturing". You could be describing the British ...
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Harsh debates loom in Congress as Durbin predicts debt-ceiling deal
St. Louis Beacon
By Robert Koenig, Beacon Washington. correspondent WASHINGTON – Warning that the economy would "go further downhill" if the debt-limit is not raised, US Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., called on political leaders Sunday to make "hard choices" and predicted ...
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US politics: Republican Leadership Conference, Obama Impresonator ...
By fflandrath53
Bookmark#1 of 1 Roller~Poster Path: Public ~> Public ~> [5736] Source: C-SPAN Video Blog June 18, 2011Posted by RXBThe Republicans continued.
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On Politics: Covering the US Congress, Governors, and the 2010 ...
Read the latest news from Capitol Hill, the 2012 elections, and state governors.

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