Thursday, August 18, 2011

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Smacking Down Progressives of Pallor
Human Events
The last thing progressives of pallor want to deal with, you see, are "people of color" who think for themselves, refuse to be hyphenated Americans and reject left-wing orthodoxy on everything from entitlements to bailouts to Big Labor, immigration, ...
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Blaska's Blog calls on good progressives to storm the WEAC fortress
Isthmus Daily Page
A big black cloud*, darker than any that hovered over Joe Btfsplk, casts a doomsday shadow on the statewide teachers union headquarters, high up on Nob Hill overlooking the Wisconsin State Capitol. (* Please don't call me a racist, Mr. Ed.) These are ...
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Progressive's Earnings Plunge
Daily Markets
Progressive Corp.'s (NYSE:PGR) earnings per share for July 2011 were 8 cents, a plunge of 53% from 17 cents earned in the year ago period. Net income dipped 55% from the year-ago period to total $51.1 million. The company recorded net premiums of $1.49 ...
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OP-ED: A History Lesson About Progressive Left Wing Democrats
Robert Di Padua Subject: A history lesson about Progressive left wing Democrats that voters should finally be aware of, for their own good. Especially in the state of RI where the majority of voters have no clue as to even what they are (Sheldon ...
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Move Over Tea Party The Progressives Are Here!
WHTC (blog)
... of the burgeoning American Dream Movement on Tuesday announced the Contract for the American Dream, a new agenda for economic recovery supported by a grassroots movement that progressive leaders say will rival the Tea Party in size and impact. ...
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She's In!
Tapped (blog)
If elected, she will join a distressingly small group of Senate progressives who are both resolute and effective. It is universally agreed by Massachusetts political observers that she is the only Democratic candidate with a decent shot at beating ...
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Revealed: Fake Facebook Identity Used By Military Contractors Plotting To Hack ...
Think Progress
In presentations obtained by ThinkProgress from the e-mail dump detailing the tactics potentially used against progressives, HBGary Federal floated the idea of using "fake insider personas" to infiltrate left-leaning groups critical of the US Chamber ...
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Think Progress
Progressives perplexed after book by fellow liberal highlights sex selection ...
While conservatives hail the book's breakthrough research, Hvistendahl's fellow progressives haggle over its findings. The liberal Guardian's review elicited a terse letter from UNFPA condemning Hvistendahl's conclusion that UNFPA and feminist ...
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The Obama Wars: Why Do We Tear Each Other Apart Over Whether the President Is ...
The debate over Obama's role in the mess we're in is distracting progressives from the real fight. What, if anything, is the matter with Obama? This is a question that sharply divides progressives today, the central front on what has become known as ...
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Reality Check: Why Progessives and Conservatives Can't Agree On Repatriation ...
But the big difference in ideology between conservatives and progressives is deciding just how to do that. One of the first places this discussion came up was actually from a Fox news host, Eric Bolling who said he had a plan for how to get more money ...
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