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McGuinty reverses conservative trend in GTA
Globe and Mail
Dalton McGuinty successfully repelled a conservative renaissance that has marked recent municipal and federal campaigns in the GTA and spoiled Prime Minister Stephen Harper's dreams of a Tory "hat trick" in Toronto. At press time, the Liberals were ...
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Globe and Mail
Can the Conservatives weaken the UK's carbon reduction targets?
The Guardian
Photograph: Luke Macgregor/Reuters The UK has the world's toughest targets for cutting the carbon emissions that create global warming and George Osborne very clearly had these in his sights at the Conservative party conference. ...
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The Guardian
British Conservatives set cat among the liberals
The Australian
British Prime Minister David Cameron at the Conservative Party's conference in Manchester yesterday, where he weighed in to a row about EU political correctness. Picture: Getty Images Source: Getty Images DAVID Cameron has weighed in to an embarrassing ...
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Parliament's budget officer rips Conservative crime bill cost estimate
Winnipeg Free Press
The Conservatives say their massive new crime bill, which includes nine separate pieces of legislation, will cost $78.5 million over five years, part of bigger justice agenda the government says will cost $2.7 billion. But Page, who has been asked by ...
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The conservative response to Elizabeth Warren
Washington Post (blog)
My favorite argument thus far from conservatives is the widespread claim that Warren asserted total authority over their property, even though she did nothing of the kind. Case in point: George Will's column today. He accuses her of a "collectivist ...
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newBudget bill debate cut short by Conservatives
Beginning of Story Content Conservative MPs are limiting debate on 642 pages of legislation to implement the budget, pushing a motion through the House of Commons to keep one stage of debate to only four days. Because debate started on Wednesday, ...
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Economic gloom casts pall over party conferences
LONDON — The cold hand of the stagnant economy appeared to choke Britain's conference season, with the Conservatives struggling to explain where growth will come from and Labour clumsily attacking business. With growth flat and the eurozone in crisis, ...
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ONTARIO STUDENT VOTE: Conservative candidate Rod Jackson wins with 23.6%
The Barrie Examiner
Conservatives grabbed only 22.4% and the Green Party finished with a mere 2.8% of the total votes. However, Barrie not only had the highest number of student voters than any city with more than 7100 votes, but they elected the Rod Jackson's ...
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The Conservatives vs Everyone
The Conservative conference has ended with the party offending Primal Scream and The Dandy Warhols. Pop and politics is a dangerous mixture. Get it right and the results can prove to have an enduring influence - get it wrong, and your credibility can ...
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RealClearPolitics - Palin Out, Will Back Conservatives in 2012
By Lederman & Joseph, The Hill
Sarah Palin ended months of speculation Wednesday when she announced she will not run for president. Her decision locks the GOP presidential field into place, but has disappointed some conservatives who had expressed unhappiness ...
RealClearPolitics - Homepage
Flavorwire » Dandy Warhols Really Pissed About Conservatives ...
By Judy Berman
Conservative political parties using liberal musicians' songs without their permission: not just an American phenomenon anymore. Earlier this week, Primal Scream made news for speaking out against the British Tories, who were said to have ...
Balloon Juice » Another proud day for conservatives
By Kay
I don't want to leave anyone out of today's stunning conservative victory. An honorable mention in the big win should go to two millionaire media stars: Fox News personality/reporter Greta Van Susteren and her fellow Murdoch mouthpiece, ...
Balloon Juice
Are conservatives taking the 'Occupy Wall Street' protests too lightly ...
By Matt Lewis
Are conservatives taking the 'Occupy Wall Street' protests too lightly?
The Daily Caller
Why do conservatives want to keep gas prices high?
By ModernEsquire
In 2008, the General Assembly passed nearly unanimously Governor Strickland's energy policy which reversed the disasterous (in the words of the conservative Ohio Manufacturers Association) electricity deregulation policy passed in the ...

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Conservatives And Race | ThinkProgress
You have here the basic conservative view on racism in America, namely that it's an extremely serious problem and the problem consists of white conservatives ...

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