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Lend me your ears: Tea party grows its own music, joins other political ...
Washington Post
By AP, BLUFFTON, SC — The tea party activists that packed the room picked up the refrain of a song as they waited for Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann to arrive. "While we need a new beginning, no Republicans or Democrats. ...
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Tea party members also opposed to Maryland redistricting plan
Washington Times
(TJ Kirkpatrick/The Washington Times) Members of Maryland's tea party movement are opposing a recommended congressional redistricting map that they say could further shift political power to the state's Democratic majority. State tea party leaders will ...
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Washington Times
The Tea Party Misses the Point of OWS's Aspirations
Huffington Post
That's Tea Party advice from Tea Party Officials Rep. Allen West (R-Fla) and Steve King (R-Iowa) to the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement. Then King continued, "If they knew what their grievance was then maybe one could have some sympathy, ...
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Tea party turns attention to congressional races
Chicago Tribune
By Patricia Zengerle and Eric Johnson, Reuters WASHINGTON — With their favored candidates for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination lagging or out of the race, many tea party activists are shifting focus to the struggle for control of the US ...
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Tea Party rallies in favor of Gibson Guitar, ignores reasons instrument-maker ...
The rally was in support of Gibson Guitars, a US-company currently under investigation for allegedly importing illegally logged wood into the country, an action that breaks a recent bipartisan amendment to the Lacey Act. While the Tea Party-affiliated ...
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Bachmann's order of business is change
But that's only the tip of a Tea Party-style agenda that has helped frame the GOP presidential race so far, even as Bachmann has fallen precipitously in the polls. Bachmann's views on taxes and spending, her rejection of federal food safety regulations ...
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Tea Party: Holder going down
Canada Free Press
Every day, more damning evidence is released tying the Obama presidency to the Fast'n Furious debacle of December 2010. The scandal swirls about the regime like a category five tornado. The Gunwalker scandal undertaken by the near obsolete Bureau of ...
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Why the Tea Party Should Embrace Romney
Utah Pulse
Mother Jones' Kevin Drum says there's no reason for the Tea Party to be distrustful of Mitt Romney, because he's their ideal candidate. Drum argues that Romney's penchant for "flip-flopping" means he will do "whatever you want him to do" as long as it ...
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FreedomWorks, Ohio Tea Party Leaders Launch Campaign to "Vote YES" on Issues 2 ...
MarketWatch (press release)
WASHINGTON, Oct 10, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- FreedomWorks, Ohio Tea Party groups and limited-government activists are engaged in an aggressive grassroots campaign to defend the taxpayers of Ohio and to educate voters on the importance of voting "YES" ...
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RealClearPolitics - Is the Tea Party Over?
By Bill Keller, New York Times
This was supposed to be the Tea Party's time. The incumbent president the rebels despise so much seemed vulnerable. The Republican establishment was AWOL, leaderless or intimidated. So the angry, God-fearing, government-loathing ...
RealClearPolitics - Homepage
Raymond J. Learsy: The Tea Party Misses the Point of OWS's ...
By Raymond J. Learsy
It is the outrage against the corruption and destruction of our once heralded system of meritocracy that is the core of Occupy Wall Street. The Tea party would do well to take heed.
The Full Feed from
Occupy Wall Street: This Is Not the Left-Wing Tea Party - The Daily ...
By John Avlon
Occupy Wall Street explodes being pegged as a left-wing Tea Party. John Avlon on the differences.
Michael Grimm | Mitt Romney Endorsement | Tea Party Ire | The ...
By Caroline May
Republican congressman endorses Romney, incurs tea party wrath | 'Tea partiers from all camps (including supporters of Bachman, Paul, Cain, and Perry) are rallying in protest of Congressman Grimm'
The Daily Caller
The Tea Party of the Left? Sort Of. | FrumForum
By Eli Lehrer
More than a few commentators and reporters have tried to brand the Occupy Movement as a Tea Party of the Left. On its surface, the analogy has some.

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Is the Tea Party Over? -
This was supposed to be the Tea Party's time. The incumbent president the rebels despise so much seemed vulnerable. The Republican establishment was ...

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