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On the Media: Tea party, Occupy Wall Street share a moment
Los Angeles Times
Oddly enough, you could have gotten the same take-away from coverage two and a half years ago of the early tea party rallies. And veteran activists from the 1960s recall reading over and over about their "bearded," "sandal-wearing" selves. ...
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Los Angeles Times
The Republican Scramble, Continued
New York Times (blog)
The comment stream in response to my Monday column – "Is the Tea Party Over?" – was divided for the most part into one camp of readers proclaiming the inevitable triumph of the Tea Party, and another, larger camp praying for its demise. ...
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Mark Cates, tea party candidate
Mountain Xpress
Cates is running as a "Republican candidate for City Council" (in a "non-partisan" election), or so states his July 25 volunteer appeal published under the tea party logo. His paper, "The Economic & Environmental Development of Asheville, NC" states, ...
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Staten Island Rep. Michael Grimm taking heat from Tea Party for presidential ...
Staten Island Tea Party co-organizer Frank Santarpia said that his members prefer Herman Cain in the GOP race. He also said that some Tea Partiers found the timing of the Grimm endorsement "disturbing" as it came within days of a Romney endorsement ...
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Facing Tight Recall Race, AZ Tea Party President Pearce Double Downs on Extremists
Huffington Post (blog)
After their disastrous attempt to fabricate a sham Latino candidate to dilute the votes of his moderate Republican opponent Jerry Lewis, Pearce and his supporters are now touting the endorsements of a rogue's gallery for the self-proclaimed "Tea Party ...
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Tea party group joins George LeMieux to Charlie Crist's hip. Again.
MiamiHerald.com (blog)
Distribution will begin during a tea party convention early next month in Daytona Beach, an official said. As an interim senator, LeMieux said he would not have voted for the stimulus, the earliest sign he was trying to distance himself from Crist. ...
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MiamiHerald.com (blog)
Room for Debate: A Running Commentary on the News
New York Times
A common myth about the Tea Party is that it is isolationist. It isn't. Yes, Tea Party supporters are focused on the domestic economy, and are tiring of US strategic commitments abroad. But the same is also true of most Americans right now — Democrats ...
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Tea Party member called "Nazi" in protest for DREAM Act
Hilltop Views
A San Antonio town meeting turned into a verbal skirmish when local high school teacher Jonathan Bryant, accompanied by several students gathered in support, called George Rodriguez, local Tea Party president, a "Nazi." This controversial accusation ...
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Atlanta Tea Party forms PAC
The Atlanta Tea Party Patriots announced today that they are forming a Political Action Committee and will be ready to help candidates and campaigns in the upcoming 2012 election cycle. Tea Party protests against runaway spending in 2009 helped marshal ...
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Local conservatives going too far
The Bridgeton News - NJ.com
So it is with trying to form impressions of the Tea Party, or more specifically the local manifestation. In forming mine, I have relied heavily on the frequent letters of two of its members in this very space. Both men seem very intelligent and ...
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Tea Party, Meet Occupy Wall Street. OWS, Tea Party. | Cato @ Liberty
By Jim Harper
The Tea Party has some people with views that libertarians reject and many that we embrace. Occupy Wall Street has a lot of people with views that libertarians reject and some that libertarians embrace—freedom from police abuse being one. ...
Cato @ Liberty
Tea Party Groups | Media Coverage | Occupy Wall Street | The Daily ...
By Alex Pappas
Tea party groups criticize media coverage of 'Occupy Wall Street' | 'Today, the leftist media seemingly cheers for a group of lawbreaking miscreants who have openly committed a variety of illegal acts'
The Daily Caller
Tea Party Successfully Ends Water Fluoridation in Florida County ...
By Dennis DiClaudio
The Tea Party just won a huge victory over dental hygiene down in Florida... Pinellas County will stop adding fluoride to its drinking water, ending a.
Indecision Forever | Political...
Could a Tea Party Occupy Wall Street?
By Addison Wiggin
Addison Wiggin discusses the similarities between the Tea Party and the Occupy Wall Street crowd.
The Daily Reckoning
The Tea Party meets Occupy DC | The Right Scoop
By The Right Scoop
Posted by The Right Scoop on Oct 11, 2011 in Politics | 39 comments. Accuracy in Media decided to carry Tea Party signs to the Occupy DC protests and discuss it with some of the protesters. Let's just say the responses they got required a lot ...
The Right Scoop

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