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Conservatives won't meet deficit targets: Budget officer
Toronto Sun
(ANDRE FORGET/QMI Agency) Parliament's budget officer suggests the Conservatives are gambling with an election promise to balance the books by 2014. Kevin Page appeared before the Commons finance committee Wednesday to defend his view that the cards ...
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Conservatives raise more money than rivals
Even the vaunted Conservative money machine ran in a lower gear than it has during previous periods, although the governing party once again outpaced its political rivals. The Tories raised nearly $3.1 million from 29155 donors in the third quarter of ...
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BC braces for Tories' new crime bill
Vancouver Sun
By Gordon Hoekstra And Jonathan Fowlie, Vancouver Sun November 2, 2011 Canada's three largest provinces are concerned there will be increased costs from the Conservatives' tough-on-crime legislation to be introduced in the next 100 days. ...
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NDP leader questions Conservative party appointment
Edmonton Journal
By Keith Gerein, November 2, 2011 7:05 PM EDMONTON - NDP Leader Brian Mason says Kelley Charlebois's work as a registered lobbyist makes him a poor choice to serve as the Alberta Progressive Conservative party's new interim ...
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Conservative Hawks Are Incoherent Regarding Iraq Troop Withdrawal
The National Interest Online
Prominent conservatives continue to sputter about President Obama's announcement that all US troops will be withdrawn from Iraq by year's end. GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry charges that the president was "irresponsible" for making that ...
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The National Interest Online
The Right's Absurd Cain Race Card
Michelle Goldberg on the roots of leading conservatives' cynical strategy. Plus, Patricia Murphy on Gloria Cain's public debut. It has been interesting, if also predictable, to watch conservatives reacting to the Herman Cain sexual harassment ...
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Cain scandal splits US conservatives
Financial Times
The turmoil on the Republican side comes alongside an increase in Mr Obama's approval ratings, after weeks in which the president has travelled the country attacking obstructionism in Congress and painting conservatives as servants of the rich. ...
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Conservative author blasts Occupy Wall Street, Sen. Snowe during Maine stop
Bangor Daily News
By Seth Koenig, BDN Staff Best-selling author and conservative political analyst Michelle Malkin delivered a talk Wednesday to a Maine Heritage Policy Center audience in South Portland. Best-selling author and conservative political analyst Michelle ...
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Bangor Daily News
Religious, social conservatives unite to oppose gambling expansion in Florida
By Kathleen Haughney, Tallahassee Bureau Religious leaders and social conservatives from around the state met in Tallahassee Monday to begin laying out their strategy to defeat a gaming bill that would dramatically expand gambling in the state by ...
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House conservatives unveil jobs agenda -
By Russell Berman
An influential bloc of House conservatives unveiled a jobs plan Wednesday that one leader described as "the exact opposite" of the proposal President Obama is pushing. The Republican Study Committee plan combines a tax overhaul, ...
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ABC-WaPo Poll: Conservatives Not Crazy About GOP, Broad ...
By Doug Brady
One-third of conservatives disapprove of the Republican Party.
House conservatives unveil their so-called jobs plan. Hint: Feel free ...
By GottaLaff
The House conservatives are calling their little "jobs" plan the "exact opposite" of President Obama's, or to put it another way, their "no jobs" plan. If you recall, President Obama's plan got thumbs up from all kinds of 1%ers: The U.S. economy ...
The Political Carnival
Conservatives Defend the Safety Net While Shredding It
By Nick
Just as they won the initial argument over Medicare, this fundraising appeal suggests Dems may be winning the larger argument over economic fairness...I can't prove this is related to the Dems' newly aggressive populism and the broader ...
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Perry Flat Tax Is Fool's Gold for Conservatives: Ramesh Ponnuru ...
Texas Governor Rick Perry's tax plan is an attempt to solve a problem that no Republican has yet overcome: how to make a flat tax politically palatable.

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