Wednesday, November 2, 2011

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Progressives on Supercommittee Marginalized Amidst Deficit Theater
The Nation. (blog)
But other developments outside the hearing room yesterday have serious import—and should cause serious concern among progressives. Reuters reported on the existence of a super-supercommittee—six members of the twelve-member supercommittee are ...
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The Nation. (blog)
Undistracted By Cain, Progressives Stay Focused On Hammering Romney
In a sign they believe the former Massachusetts governor will ultimately win the GOP presidential nomination, progressive groups are escalating their attacks on Mitt Romney. In a 90-second Web video released Wednesday, Priorities USA Action — the ...
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CAIR Joins Interfaith Challenge to Mo. Mayor's Anti-Muslim Speaker
PR Newswire (press release)
A number of individuals and groups, including Interfaith Progressives of Independence and the Crescent Peace Society, have asked the mayor to reconsider the decision to invite Saleem. The Interfaith Progressives of Independence said, "Saleem's message ...
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Richmond mayor marches to support Oakland strike
San Jose Mercury News
By Karl Fischer A dozen progressives, led part way by Richmond Mayor Gayle McLaughlin, on Wednesday marched from Richmond to downtown Oakland in support of Occupy Oakland and the general strike. "It was absolutely worth it," Marilyn Langlois, ...
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Seven billion…and rising
While Malthus' views were adopted—uneasily—by many ecologists and environmentalists, he became the bête noire of both progressive and neoclassical economists. Progressives saw his theory as an elitist, conservative effort to blame the poor for their ...
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America at a Turning Point
Huffington Post (blog)
There are those out there that would like to see Progressives have a food fight among each other -- or with the president." She took a second before delivering the punch line: "This is not a cafeteria." Edwards, who follows her own path over the party ...
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Part Five: Bringing America Home Again – The Connoisseur
Big Hollywood
The painting within the painting could be called "Post OWS" or "The Progressives' Zuccotti Park" or "A Bird's Eye View of the Obama Nation." Suggestions for other titles in the comment section would be most welcome. ...
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Democrats and Progressives Coalition "Would be Meaningless ...
A coalition between the Democratic Party, DS, and the Serbian Progressive Party , SNS, is meaningless, Serbia's DS deputy leader Dragan Djilas says.

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