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Scottish Conservatives elect gay leader
The Guardian
Ruth Davidson prepares to be announced as the new leader of the Scottish Conservative party. Photograph: David Moir/REUTERS An openly gay woman has been elected leader of the Scottish Conservatives after the membership rejected her leading rival's ...
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The Guardian
Speaker derails 'backdoor attack on unions'
Vancouver Sun
He said unions have to explain that the federal government's tax cuts are responsible for the deficit the Conservatives want to eliminate by cutting public services. Gray argued that the federal government's spending review will cut more than the ...
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Campaigning starts for Spain's Nov. 20 vote; poll suggests conservatives will ...
Washington Post
20 general elections with a new poll indicating Spaniards will severely punish the governing Socialist party and hand the opposition conservatives a major victory. As flyposters hit the streets, a survey by the government-run Center for Sociological ...
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Conservatives in Congress thwart economic growth
By Heather Boushey WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — Today's release of the most recent jobs numbers is yet another reminder that conservatives in Congress need to get behind legislation to boost job creation in our economy. At this point in an economic ...
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Romney Reaching Out to Fiscal Conservatives
National Journal
Mitt Romney is reaching out to the conservative base – will it meet him halfway? Speaking at a gathering of conservative activists hosted by the group Americans for Prosperity on Friday, the ex-Massachusetts governor detailed a proposal to partially ...
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Official-languages czar scolds Tories for unilingual appointments
Globe and Mail
Mr. Ferguson's appointment was approved in the absence of the Liberals because the Conservatives hold a majority of the seats in both chambers. A day earlier, a Supreme Court judge felt pressured to defend himself against an accusation that he didn't ...
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Globe and Mail
Ontario half-right on crime
Toronto Star
For the last six years, the federal Conservatives have successfully played politics with crime. They've whipped up public fears and pushed ahead with misguided policies. Prime Minister Stephen Harper has never appeared to care in the slightest that his ...
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Mississippi's 'Personhood' Amendment a Challenge for Moderate Conservatives
ABC News (blog)
But Christie – considered by many to be a model of moderate conservatives – has remained mum on the issue. His camp has only said that just because Christies is campaigning for Bryant, it doesn't mean he also endorses the amendment. ...
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ABC News (blog)
Conservative Intellectuals and the Invisible Hand
The expression "conservative intellectual" was, at least until the nineteen-fifties, an oxymoron. Conservatives, with their founder, Edmund Burke, insisted that not reason but custom was the true foundation of freedom. The rights of Englishmen, ...
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Santorum is one of several social conservatives seeking the 2012 Republican presidential nomination. This latest tour emphasizes the area where he has been the strongest. To be specific, he whipped out a list of 17 things that he'd do if elected ...
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RealClearPolitics - Why Are Conservatives Playing Media's Game?
By Andrew McCarthy, NRO
November 3, 2011. Cain Plays the Race Card, Unfortunately Los Angeles Times. There will be plenty of time to comment on sexual harassment allegations against Herman Cain — a third emerged Tuesday — when all the facts are known. ...
RealClearPolitics - Homepage
Riehl World View: The Cain Humiliation: Conservatives Aren't ...
By Dan
Having experienced the Reagan Revolution, I had high hopes going into 2012. They're all but gone now. Someone recently asked me if I was an "anybody but Romney" guy. The thought that I would reject a competent Romney for the...
Riehl World View
Professional Conservatives Start Knifing Herman Cain, Terrified ...
By Michael Brendan Dougherty
They want him to be a FOX host, not a serious candidate.
Business Insider
Bill Maher Slams Religious Conservatives - Mediaite
By Josh Feldman
In his last New Rule of the evening, Bill Maher argued that Christian populism and anti-intellectualism have been steadily growing in the Republican party, and that one of the core beliefs of the religious right in America today is that knowing ...

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Pro-Science Conservatives and the Mississippi Personhood ...
David French writes on NRO: At long last — and against the strong headwinds of the anti-science ideologues — the law is finally catching up to biology.
Liberals 'Detest' Black Conservatives, Coulter Says
Accusations that presidential hopeful Herman Cain sexually harassed two women are just another indication that liberals "detest" conservative blacks, ...

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