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Conservatives keep missing deficit targets but don't pay political price
By Bruce Cheadle, The Canadian Press | November 08, 2011 OTTAWA - It was the surprising showcase campaign promise of the Conservative election bid just six months ago. The federal deficit would be eliminated a year earlier than forecast, Prime Minister ...
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Conservative pundit rips Romney, predicts GOP loss
Los Angeles Times
By James Oliphant As the Iowa caucuses near, an influential grass-roots conservative says he believes Mitt Romney's nomination as the GOP general election candidate is inevitable, and that Romney will ultimately lose to President Obama a year from now. ...
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Los Angeles Times
Guest columnist Why are black conservatives so despised in the black community?
The Seattle Times
That moment spurred me to wonder: Why are black conservatives so despised in the black community? The majority of my life, I was a loyal Democrat, never questioning my leaders. Heck, everyone in my family was a Democrat, so I assumed they were right. ...
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The Seattle Times
Conservatives say defeat of bill limiting collective bargaining in Ohio will ...
Daily Caller
By Alexis Levinson Conservatives said Tuesday that the defeat of Ohio Issue 2, which would have limited collective bargaining rights for state employees, will cause localities to decrease services, raise taxes and lay off the very firefighters, ...
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The Conservative Case for Mitt Romney
Fox News
But if conservatives really want to roll back government, keep America out of new and far more dangerous foreign wars, generate new jobs and save the country from total financial ruin, they have only one realistic option: Rally behind Mitt Romney. ...
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The Union is too far gone to be saved by Cameron or Miliband
Telegraph.co.uk (blog)
By Benedict Brogan Politics Last updated: November 8th, 2011 The Conservatives did something remarkable last week. They chose as their leader in Scotland a young lesbian who has held elected office for barely six months. This was a brave choice in a ...
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Boring is good for incumbents
National Post
The responses suggested voters were disengaged but, crucially, not in the mood to kick the Conservatives from office -- 33% said they were bored and only 13% claimed to be angry. The result must have been a tonic to governing parties across the country ...
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Jim DeMint Warned By Dems That GOP Candidates Are Not True Conservatives
Huffington Post
While conservative kingmaker Sen. Jim DeMint (RS.C.) mulls endorsing fresh Republican candidates for 2012, The Huffington Post has learned that Democrats are about to remind him that two top GOP contenders have less-than-stellar Tea Party credentials. ...
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A conservative inconsistency
Los Angeles Times
Most conservatives are perfectly at ease with the idea of requiring all phone users to pay a fee to provide universal coverage for telecom services. But they balk at the idea when it comes to health insurance, consumer columnist David Lazarus says. ...
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D.C. Court Of Appeals Upholds Constitutionality Of Obamacare-Stuns Conservatives
Forbes (blog)
In the decision published today, the panel – comprised of two highly respected conservative judges and one Democratic appointee – held that, while they may not be entirely comfortable with the law, it is, never the less, constitutional. ...
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New Liberal Blood Libel: If You Conservatives Don't Support Cain ...
By Aaron Worthing
On one hand, we have Finney who was last seen claiming that conservatives like Cain because he is a black man who knows his place, apparently being completely unaware of what racists have traditionally considered to be the proper ...
Patterico's Pontifications
Conservative Reaction | Herman Cain Allegations | The Daily Caller
By Caroline May
With Allred's involvement, conservatives greet new Cain allegations with skepticism | 'Maybe there is something there, but if this is it, it just seems opportunistic'
The Daily Caller
Conservatives and Mitt Romney Liberal Values
By Ron Chusid
Should Mitt Romney win the Presidency, conservatives will find this pattern play out repeatedly. Romney will head in a direction conservatives do not like and they will bitch and moan repeatedly and maybe, just maybe, he'll part his hair in ...
Liberal Values
Why Iowa Conservatives Haven't Warmed to Perry
By Patrick Caldwell
He also crosses the gap between business and evangelical Republicans, holding sway among the social conservative base thanks to his time with King and the anti-judge vote last fall. He spent all of last fall driving his pickup across the state ...
The American Prospect
Scottish Conservatives Elect Lesbian Leader | Care2 Causes
By Paul Canning
Ruth Davidson is the first openly lesbian or gay leader of a major British political party.
Care2 Causes

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Cain, conservatives look foolish blaming scandal on race - CNN
If you're Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Brent Bozell, Sean Hannity, and yes, even Herman Cain, you must feel pretty stupid for trying to fool the American people ...
Social Conservatives Urge Cain to Address New Allegation - By ...
Katrina Trinko writes on NRO: Concerned Women of America's president and CEO Penny Nance issues this statement (emphasis mine): While seeing Gloria ...

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