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Conservative leader is a force in Iowa caucuses
Los Angeles Times
He can deliver social conservative votes, but he also worries the party establishment. GOP candidates in Iowa eagerly seek the blessing of conservative leader Bob Vander Plaats, but some mainstream Republicans fear he's too willing to sacrifice ...
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Los Angeles Times
Conservatives should practice strict scrutiny
Washington Post (blog)
Conservatives should be vetting and scrutinizing candidates, assessing their electability and being honest about their shortcomings. Otherwise, they may wind up with four more years of President Obama or a president who is not up to the task. ...
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House conservatives contradict themselves on tax increases
Washington Post (blog)
Now that the deadline is approaching and "going big" no longer seems to be a feasible option, these conservatives may be changing their strategy to ensure that the GOP doesn't give away too much or get too little in return. "A bad deal is worse than no ...
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Spain's conservatives prepare to tackle fiscal crisis as voters desert socialists
Irish Times
Privately, Rajoy, who has led the deeply conservative Partido Popular (PP) in opposition for eight years, may be reflecting on the old maxim that one should beware of what one wishes for. The economic incompetence of the outgoing Socialist Party (PSOE) ...
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Irish Times
Will conservative talkers turn on Herman Cain
Herman Cain's swift rise to the top of the GOP presidential field was fueled in no small part by the stalwart support of conservative talk radio. But how long will the love last now that Cain is on the rocks? Continue Reading Text Size - + reset ...
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Pat Martin's Tweets Drown Out Conservative Message
Huffington Post Canada
The real issue is the underlying cause which is Conservative behaviour in the House of Commons and their excessive use of time allocation to ram six bills through the House. In one tweet, Martin has successfully flagged this behaviour for the public at ...
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Conservatives begin to confront income inequality
Atlanta Journal Constitution (blog)
Ramesh Ponnuru, a deeply conservative author and columnist for National Review, argues in a column for Bloomberg that the GOP has learned the wrong lessons from its setbacks in 2006 and 2008. The party has agreed to believe that "ideological impurity, ...
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Atlanta Journal Constitution (blog)
Conservative pioneer fund-raiser calls for boycott of annual Catholic offering (blog)
At 78 years old, Viguerie is credited with creating the conservative coalition that elected Ronald Reagan and both Presidents Bush. It could be said he invented direct-mail fund-raising in the 1960s and 1970s. He was the brains behind Jerry Falwell's ...
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After a strong start, Perry now has to compete for support from social ...
Kansas City Star
Rick Perry held a revival-style day of prayer in fasting in Houston in early August, he seemed certain become a dominant contender for the support of politically engaged Christian conservatives as he headed toward his entry into the 2012 presidential ...
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How can the Conservatives win back women's support?
The Guardian
So, of course, we're seeing plummeting support for Conservatives. If the government is serious about increasing women's voice in parliament, it should reinstate the Women's National Commission. Amber Rudd: The best way to make policy that has women at ...
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The Guardian

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Conservatives Control the Political E-mail Rumor Mill - Technology ...
By Rebecca Greenfield
There are two things that political conspiracy e-mail forwards have in common: Conservatives and senior citizens.
The Atlantic Wire
Conservatives headed for landslide in Spanish elections | McClatchy
When Spanish Conservative leader Mariano Rajoy shakes hands with crowds of supporters in the run-up to the parliamentary elections on Sunday, the triumphant smile of a winner already beams on his face. Latest headlines
Anti-Choice Conservatives Target Birth Control | RH Reality Check
By Fiona Carmody
Congresswoman Diana DeGette talks about the battle for women's reproductive rights as conservatives take their war on abortion ever further to challenge birth control.
Conservatives begin to confront income inequality | Jay Bookman
By Jay
Ramesh Ponnuru, a deeply conservative author and columnist for National Review, argues in a column for Bloomberg that the GOP has learned the wrong lessons from.
Jay Bookman

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Crazy Things Conservatives Say | Crooks and Liars
Today's daily dose of wingnuttery was so rich I hardly know where to begin, so I'll just dive in. We begin with Pat Robertson, who is very, very worried about ...

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