Tuesday, November 29, 2011

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GOP conservatives confront a dilemma in choosing between Cain and Gingrich
Bellingham Herald
Social conservatives also will play a dominant role in the South Carolina primary on Jan 21. If Gingrich were to win Iowa, "it'll be Gingrich and Romney" in South Carolina, predicted Warren Tompkins, an unaligned GOP strategist in Columbia, ...
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Herman Cain abandoned by conservatives
A growing number of prominent conservatives are abandoning Herman Cain, saying a Georgia woman's claim that she had a 13-year affair with the Republican candidate has effectively doomed his presidential bid. Cain himself told supporters on a conference ...
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Conservatives put off changes to telecom foreign-ownership rules
Financial Post
OTTAWA — The Conservatives have returned to the drawing board in the heated debate over how to liberalize foreign-ownership restrictions in the telecommunications sector. In a speech Tuesday, Industry Minister Christian Paradis said neither he nor the ...
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Campus Conservatives called to action
MSU State News
By Rebecca Ryan | Originally Published: < 1 minute ago | No comments Campus Conservatives met Tuesday to discuss their concern with what they see is a lack of conservative activism on campus. What's the Matter With Campus?, which was held in 339 Case ...
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Two key Iowa conservative groups won't wade into endorsement fray
Christian conservatives in Iowa are struggling mightily to agree upon one presidential candidate they can rally behind, but two key groups have decided they won't wade in to narrow the list. The Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition and Iowa Right to Life ...
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Liberals, conservatives react to Rep. Barney Frank's retirement
Gant Daily
Washington, DC, United States (AHN) – Liberals and conservatives late Monday marked the decision of Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA), former chair of the House Financial Services Committee and the first openly gay member of Congress, to not seek re-election ...
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Media Conservatives Absolve Wall Street, Falsely Blame Barney Frank For ...
Media Matters for America
Conservatives in the media have used the occasion of Rep. Barney Frank's retirement announcement to rehash old theories of how he, through his support for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, caused the subprime bubble and subsequent meltdown. ...
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A Portrait of Elena Kagan as a Young Justice
Above the Law
By the end of Kagan's first term, conservatives like former Bush solicitor general Paul Clement (who will likely argue against the health-care law this coming spring) and Chief Justice John Roberts were giving Kagan high marks as a new justice ...
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Above the Law
There's nothing conservative about banning pot
The Province
Does this sound like something most conservative-minded voters would support? Sadly, you don't have to imagine. This policy is marijuana prohibition and it is an unfortunate legacy for conservatives that we have consistently elected right-ward leaning ...
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Desperate Conservatives Beg Sarah Palin To Run
By Sarah Jones
Ah, don't say I didn't warn you about this possibility years ago. Watching the last conservative Great Hope going down in flames as Herman Cain.
Conservatives should think twice about Newt | Washington Examiner
By Examiner Editorial
Newt Gingrich's surge to the top of the Republican presidential field has some conservatives imagining the former House Speaker as the anti-Romney. Gingrich is encouraging such a view with his claim that he is "certainly more conservative" ...
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Conservatives Are Turning Against Herman Cain
By Grace Wyler
Conservatives who once showered love on Cain are rapidly jumping ship, as the candidate's latest sex scandal threatens to permanently derail his upstart presidential campaign. The California-based Draft Herman Cain PAC has even ...
Business Insider
Weasel Zippers » Blog Archive » Conservatives should think twice ...
Conservatives should think twice about Newt. Conservatives should think twice about Newt. Posted by WM on Tuesday, November 29, 2011, at 10:00 pm | Like Tweet. « Previous Post ...
Weasel Zippers
Americans for Tax Reform :: Conservatives Should Oppose NAT Gas ...
Unfortunately, the NAT GAS Act does nothing to facilitate natural gas production or alleviate many supply-side concerns conservatives have. This explains why so many House Democrats have co-sponsored the House bill and why Mr. Reid ...
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