Tuesday, November 29, 2011

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Progressives don't hate ourselves
Washington Post
He had a majority mandate for change, large Democratic majorities in both houses of Congress, the most progressive speaker, Nancy Pelosi, in the history of the country. Conservatism was in disarray, discredited by its evident failures at home and ...
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Vancouver: The progressives' Ground Zero
But this pleasant, laid-back city is at the forefront of progressive politics today. And not just because it's the unlikely place that first inspired the Occupy Wall Street protests that politically energized a generation. ...
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News Flash! Progressives Hail 'Founding Fathers,' Praise The Constitution
Town Hall
Dissident Prof discovered that CAP's public display of this new-found love for the founders goes back to at least 2010, as witness this article in which this shocking sentence was found: "Progressives throughout history have venerated the ideals of ...
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The Secrets of Soros, Obama, Occupiers & the Main Stream Media (Part 3)
AmmoLand.com (press release)
By Chuck Norris In Part 1, I discussed how the mainstream media, billionaire progressives such as George Soros, the White House and even the Occupy movement are in cahoots with one another. In Part 2, I discussed the MSM's maneuvering to coronate their ...
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The history of the New Politics Initiative: Movement and party, then and now
That's why progressives must be campaigning on progressive issues, and working to build progressive structures of engagement and democracy, all the time, not just during elections. Indeed, we argued, the success of progressive political parties ...
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The Scott Walker recall campaign gathers pace in Wisconsin
The Guardian
By posing an existential threat to labor unions, Walker galvanised a grand alliance of progressives, who had been badly beaten in 2010 midterm elections in Wisconsin and across the nation. To blunt progressives' recall initiatives, ...
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The Guardian
How they plan to win
The Nation Newspaper
Being a party for progressives, it is seen by many as a credible alternative. ACN is regarded as PDP's major threat in the election. Having been in power, Audu understands the terrain and what is needed to win. Now, he has an even stronger backing in ...
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Mayor Ed Lee to name District 5 supervisor
San Francisco Chronicle
That is not lost on Lee, a moderate who won office with the strong backing of the business community and who placed a distant second to Supervisor John Avalos, the standard-bearer for progressives in the Nov. 8 mayoral election, among District Five ...
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Wisconsin progressives determined to oust Governor, Lt. Gov. « The ...
By radiopatriot
Hat tip IOTW. If you see it the way I do, you're going to be p-o'd at what you read below. Keep in mind the Obama-Union partnership responsible for ruining our economy is the determined force behind this effort to destroy Gov. Scott Walker. ...
The Radio Patriot

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