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Libyan officials will seek death penalty for Saif al-Islam Gaddafi
Libyan officials have made it clear they will seek the death penalty for Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, as the former dictator's son demanded a lawyer on Monday. By Richard Spencer, Zintan and Ruth Sherlock in Tripoli Osama Jueili, head of the military council ...
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NY terrorism suspect is Islam convert
Sydney Morning Herald
AP The suspect in the latest alleged New York City terrorism plot followed a solitary online path to violent radical Islam, family members and law enforcement officials say. Jose Pimentel, 27, is being held without bail on state terrorism charges after ...
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Group launches first Islamic interbank benchmark
MANAMA Nov 22 (Reuters) - A consortium of Islamic banks and financial industry associations launched the industry's first Islamic interbank rate on Tuesday, providing a sharia-compliant alternative to traditional interest-based benchmarks. ...
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What about corruption, isn't that unconstitutional?
Malaysia Kini
Homosexuality is against Islam. Islam is the religion of the federation. Ergo, homosexuality is against the constitution. What happened to equality of all and freedom of worship? This goes beyond homosexuality. Buddhists do not think in terms of God, ...
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NY bomb plot: What radicalizes some converts to Islam?
Washington Post (blog)
By Akbar Ahmed The case of Jose Pimentel, an "al-Qaida sympathizer" accused of plotting a bomb attack in New York, has once again focused our attention on why converts to Islam appear to be so fascinated by violent jihad. Is there something in the act ...
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Ethiopia invades Somalia, Round 2
Daily Maverick
This was near the beginning of the War on Terror, and the United States still had not made the distinction between the moderate if conservative Islam of groups like the Islamic Courts and, to an extent, Hamas in Palestine, and the militant, ...
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Turkish Women's Magazine Searches for Intersection of Islam and Fashion
The Atlantic
By Constanze Letsch The Turkish women's magazine Âlâ first gained notice in the summer of 2011 by putting the most controversial piece of fabric in Turkey, the Islamic headscarf, on its cover. Four months later, Turkish secularists and traditional ...
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Tunisia Islamists for Moderate Islam State
ALGIERS – The leader of Tunisia's moderate Islamist party Ennahda, Rached Ghannouchi, has announced that a modern and democratic concept of Islam would be dominant in post-revolution era in the Arab country. "Tunisia wants to hold up a model to society ...
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Woman found slain in Columbia County
Albany Times Union
By BOB GARDINIER, Staff writer Shafiqul Islam, 21, was taken into custody on Sunday, Nov. 20, 2011, after Columbia County sheriff's deputies caught him driving a stolen pickup truck after he had crashed a car that was stolen from the home of a ...
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Muslims in New York Protest Counter-Terrorism
Human Events
It is noteworthy that we have never, in 10 years since 9/11, seen Muslims anywhere in the US mount a demonstration of comparable size against Islamic jihad terrorism and the supposed "hijacking" of Islam by terrorists. Even worse, the protesters failed ...
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Whitewashing Islam: 20 Errors on ABC News' 20/20 (video ...
By creeping
Whitewashing Islam: 20 Errors on ABC News' 20/20 (video). Posted on November 21, 2011 by creeping. David Wood could do this full time as there is plenty of material. via Answering Muslims: Whitewashing Islam: 20 Errors on 20/20 (ABC ...
Creeping Sharia
"No Other Civilization Has Enslaved As Many People As Islam ...
By persecution
The ultimate goal is to submit the entire globe to Islam and to Islamic law. [In regards to the jihad campaigns ... Learn more about Islam Uncensored, the first book by ICC's President, Jeff King, by clicking here. This entry was posted on Monday ...

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Saif al-Islam Gaddafi - in pictures | World news | guardian.co.uk
The late dictator's son was once courted by the west as he presented himself as a liberal reformer.
Seif al Islam Captured | Video - ABC News
Moammar Gadhafi's son was caught in Libya's southern desert.
Profile of Saif al-Islam CCTV News - YouTube
Information provided by cctv.com Thank you http://www.cctv.com To watch CCTV News 24/7 ...
IslamOnline, Islamic News, Islamic Finance and Business ...
By Steve Mbogo & The Arab Spring revolutions that have so far seen the toppling of& three of the Maghreb\'s most intransigent dictators caught spark (more)

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