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US politics live blog: Herman Cain's campaign meltdown, day two
The Guardian (blog)
While it wasn't the greatest PR day ever for Cain in Washington, DC on Monday, it wasn't a political disaster as some had predicted when Politico broke its story on Sunday night. What's next? It all depends on whether more information comes out on this ...
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The Guardian (blog)
In Iraq and Beyond, the US Should Put Politics Before Force
The Atlantic
In the summer of 2007 Frederick Kagan, the American Enterprise Institute scholar widely credited with inventing the "Surge" of troops into Iraq, succinctly explained his framework for winning the war. "The political stuff comes later," he said of what ...
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The Atlantic
Hating Incumbency and Incumbents Too
New York Times
By JENNIFER STEINHAUER WASHINGTON — One of the immutable laws of American politics has been that while voters typically loathe Congress, they tend to tolerate their own lawmaker. Now, with ratings for that institution in the root cellar and approval ...
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Israel Should Be a US Campaign Issue
Wall Street Journal
By DOUGLAS J. FEITH Pro-Israel organizations have long been active in American politics, promoting friendly relations between the US and Israel. Jewish groups, in particular, have helped ensure that candidates' attitudes toward Israel would be an ...
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Foreign policy casualty of US election
The National
WASHINGTON // Nowhere is the old saying that all politics is local truer then during US presidential campaigns, where one of the first casualties in the battle for domestic votes is traditionally foreign policy. With unemployment high, an economy ...
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Secularists or Christian? The Religious Lives of American Political Candidates ...
Huffington Post (blog)
A Political History" (Columbia University Press, 2011, translated by George Holoch with a foreword by Tony Judt), I attempt to explain the coexistence of two opposed political trends: a religious tradition that invites US politicians to talk openly ...
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Huntsman's Cure for US's "Heroin-Like Addiction to Foreign Oil"
ABC News (blog)
Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman delivered his energy policy speech today, just an hour after visiting the University of New Hampshire's one-of-a-kind energy plant, which takes methane gas from a landfill and turns it into energy to power ...
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Redistricting offers Asian-Americans a political opportunity to gain fair ...
New York Daily News
Current district lines have been major barriers to Asian-American political participation. For example, the Korean-American community in Flushing is divided in half between two senate districts. Chinese-Americans in Bensonhurst are currently split into ...
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New York Daily News
Occupy Wall Street shows diversity in age, politics
USA Today
By Melanie Eversley, USA TODAY A demographic of the Occupy Wall Street protest movement is emerging and researchers say for every younger person there is someone in their 40s, and although many protesters support President Obama, 73% do not approve of ...
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USA Today

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Huawei eyes cloud buys, but politics keep it away from U.S. startups ...
By Stacey Higginbotham
Huawei is planning to boost its cloud offerings on the software side through acquisitions, but thanks to the uncertain politics related to the Chinese government, U.S. startups may not be in the running.
Should Israel Be in Charge of U.S. Middle East Policy? | Stephen M ...
By Stephen M. Walt
In a remarkable statement of foreign policy myopia and domestic political pandering, GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney announced last week that the United States should largely subordinate its Middle East policy-making to Israel. ...
Stephen M. Walt
Food Politics » Latest US News rankings: healthy diets!
By Marion
U.S. News has just released its rankings of 20 popular diet plans—the "Best Diets for Healthy Eating." The top five: DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension); TLC (Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes); Mediterranean; Mayo Clinic ...
Food Politics

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APG/BAAS Annual US Politics Colloquium
APG/BAAS Annual US Politics Colloquium. British Library conference centre, London. Friday 11 November 2011, 10.15 - 4.30pm. The Obama Presidency: The ...

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