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US Delays Decision on Pipeline Until After Election
New York Times
Jack N. Gerard, president of the American Petroleum Institute, said of the president's decision, "This is all about politics and keeping a radical constituency, opposed to any and all oil and gas development, in the president's camp in 2012. ...
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New York Times
Greek Politics,US Jobs Lift Stock Futures
Investor's Business Daily
By ALAN R. ELLIOTT, INVESTOR'S BUSINESS DAILY Posted 09:06 AM ET Stock futures were off early highs Thursday but still pointed firmly higher following an apparent political resolution in Greece and positive US jobs data. Dow futures rose 123 points ...
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Even Cain's Old Jokes Face Extra Scrutiny Now
New York Times
"Right now, he's appealing to the hard-core conservatives who basically mistrust the Democrats and the media — all the actors he's criticizing," said Susan J. Carroll, senior scholar at the Center for American Women and Politics at Rutgers University. ...
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New York Times
Penman: 'We need to put the politics behind us'
Redlands Daily Facts
After the election, he and Morris spoke cordially about the future of their relationship, and the city. politics behind us and move forward for the good of the city," Penman says. "I fully intend to meet with the city attorney and talk about ...
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Islam still has marginal status in US politics
The Gamecock
His opponent Gary Boisclair ran an ad attacking Ellison, not for his policy record or his loyalty to party lines, but for one very distinct aspect of his character: He's a Muslim. Ellison is one of two Muslims to serve in Congress thus far, ...
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Michelle Obama, Industry Groups Set Politics Aside To Pledge 100000 Jobs For Vets
Huffington Post
He added that the partnership served "a higher cause" than current policy battles. US Chamber spokesman Dave Natonski echoed Haller's sentiment, saying, "the bottom line is that this partnership is going to create jobs, and that's something we all can ...
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Mass. Gov. Patrick to write book on politics
Wall Street Journal
Deval Patrick is planning to write a second book, this one on the state of politics in America. The Massachusetts Democrat spent Thursday in New York City shopping the book around to publishers. In an email to political supporters, Patrick said the ...
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Analysis: Euro zone failure could be vast geopolitical shock
"You already have one of the great pillars of globalization, the United States, entering a period of difficulty and looking inward," said Thomas Barnett, US-based chief strategist of political risk consultancy Wikistrat -- which is being asked by ...
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Pressure Increases Over Yuan
Wall Street Journal
But the speed of the yuan's appreciation has become a politically potent way to measure the administration's success. "Politics are important in the US," said Wang Tao, the head of China research at UBS in Hong Kong. "But on this side of the Pacific ...
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Wall Street Journal
Occupy Wall Street crowd disrupts Bachmann speech
USA Today
MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (AP) – Occupy Wall Street protesters on Thursday disrupted a foreign policy speech by Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann in which she said she would make Iraq pay back billions of dollars the US spent to liberate the ...
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USA Today

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How Asians have clashed with U.S. politics | Northwest Asian Weekly |
By webmaster
Asian Americans haven't always been welcome in the arena of United States politics. As the nation has grown older, policies have changed and boundaries have shifted; and political fields have changed as well. This has created opportunities ...
Continuing to Not Read Too Much into Atambayev's Manas Airbase ...
By Joshua Foust
It's safe to say that Atambayev, who hasn't been shy about his affinity for Russia, does not depend on the U.S. for political power. It would be too much to say that the outgoing president, Roza Otunbayeva, "depended" on the U.S., but she was ...

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U.S. politics not broken, can cut debt: Moody's | Reuters
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - America's political system remains sound enough to overcome the partisan gulf that has widened over how to fix the country's fiscal ...
US Policy in the Middle East
US Policy in the Middle East ... Saudis to US: You're sleeping on the couch tonight ... Wikileaks: U.S., Saudis reached 2010 compromise over Israeli-made ...

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