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Wyoming US Sen. Barrasso gains political stature in Capitol
Casper Star-Tribune Online
Chuck Herz, chairman of the Wyoming Democratic Party, said Barrasso is ideologically "extreme," politically rigid and unscrupulous in what he says on political issues. "He represents a political culture that I believe is very destructive in America ...
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US politics: Why South Africans should care
It seems to be the general consensus among most South Africans that US politics is a foreign concept (well, they have that half-right, at least) that doesn't interest them in the slightest. Some state it quite explicitly: "I don't know, ...
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In Congress, Role Reversal Over Federal Payroll Tax Cut
New York Times
The idea that a tax cut must be paid for — and the fact that Democrats are not seeking the payroll tax relief without offsetting its costs this time — reflects the politics of austerity that dominate the 112th Congress, in which deficit spending is ...
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US scrambles to contain Pakistan fallout ensure no new rifts on Afghanistan ...
Washington Post
Last week, US Army Maj. Gen. Daniel Allyn reported improved cooperation along the border and a tapering in incidents of gunfire from Pakistani territory. Officials also have described better US-Pakistani understanding at the political level, ...
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NBC political analyst Charlie Cook discusses 2012 elections
Iowa State Daily
"But then you get to the purple middle America and those are the people between those 40-yard lines in American politics," Cook said. He said 45 percent of those voters voted for Gore, 49 percent voted for Kerry, 44 percent voted for McCain and said in ...
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Republicans Create Committee to Keep Control of US House
He said the group will support candidates who share its "center-right" political views for boosting the US economy through low taxes and spending. It also will concentrate its efforts on the "most electable" candidates. "Races are won within the ...
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House votes to end country limits for skilled workers seeking green cards
Washington Post
The legislation, which passed 389-15, was a rare example of bipartisan accord on immigration, an issue that largely has been avoided during the current session of Congress because of the political sensitivities involved. The measure would eliminate the ...
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Editors' note: New choices for washingtonpost.com readers
Washington Post (blog)
Our US and international audiences come to us to understand Washington, DC — its politics, personalities, institutions, agencies and policies — and what that means to America as well as to the world. As a news organization rooted in the greater DC ...
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Castro's Demise Won't Erase Troubled US Legacy: Enrique Krauze
The conversion of Cuba, for all practical purposes, into a US protectorate bred resentment, fueled by the US Marines' repeated interference in the country's politics. (It's no accident that the most anti-American area of Mexico is Veracruz, ...
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Ethics begins with us
Washington Post
Because the bill does not include some of the more radical reforms — establishing term limits or banning political contributions from lobbyists or city contractors — a few have written off the bill as a whitewash. Current political candidates are ...
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TRENDING: Perry flubs U.S. voting age – CNN Political Ticker ...
By gschwarzcnn
Manchester, New Hampshire (CNN) -- Rick Perry flubbed both the country's voting age and the date of the upcoming presidential election at a speech to a group of college students in Manchester Tuesday.
CNN Political Ticker
The Rhetoric of Family in U.S. Politics | Tikkun Magazine
By Laura Lovett
The Rhetoric of Family in U.S. Politics. by Laura Lovett November .... Obama's initiative to support military families is a worthwhile policy, but what Zaretsky teaches us is how to see through our attachment to the family. This may be easier with ...
Tikkun Magazine
Defense Bill Includes Authorization for Indefinite Detention of US ...
By Dave Nalle
A section of the Defense appropriations act could make it possible for US Citizens to be detained indefinitely by the military.
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Stowe House: Please help us with crime | Politics Extra
By jprendergast
Volunteers with the Harriet Beecher Stowe house in Walnut Hills are asking City Council for help with a list of problems around the house – drug dealing, panhandling, prostitution and car break-ins, among them. The house is owned by the ...
Politics Extra

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Newsvine - Invictus: U.S. Politics and the Fight Against Torture - Try It
Invictus: U.S. Politics and the Fight Against Torture - Try It. Seeded on Sun Nov 27, 2011 2:31 PM EST. Read Article Article Source: http://valtinsblog.blogspot. ...

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