Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thursday's Daily Brief

Thursday, November 17, 2011
Arianna Huffington: Today marks the rollout of our latest local section: HuffPost Detroit, fresh off the assembly line. We motor into the Motor City with a clear editorial mission: to cover both sides of the city's split-screen -- for Detroit, beyond the oversimplified myth of its past, and beyond the unimaginative visions of its future, is a city of incredible contrasts. On one side is a city for which the American dream seems despairingly out of reach. On the other side is a city experiencing a steady influx of young, college-educated residents.
Mayor Dave Bing: Detroit Financial Crisis Means Concessions Vital To Avoid State Takeover
New Bridge Proposed Between Detroit And Canada A Prisoner To History
Newt Gingrich Long Advocated Home Ownership Push Prior To A Reported Freddie Mac $1 Million Payday
Home Free: Real Estate Transaction By Joe Paterno Raises Questions
Who Won The National Book Award?
Simone Landon: Detroit Is the Only Place That Matters
There is so much Detroit (138.8 square miles) that the spokes of the city streets may as well stretch into infinity. But journalists still need to treat this place respectfully and offer real engagement, not voyeurism.
Rep. Hansen Clarke: A Simple Plan for Detroit's Resurgence
For too long, we have seen our manufacturing jobs shipped overseas with little investment to retrain workers. We have seen high local taxes stifle entrepreneurship. It's time that we -- the people of Detroit -- take charge of our city's future.
Mary Kaye Huntsman: What You Don't Know About Governor Huntsman
From the day we were married Jon said that whatever we did in life, he wanted to make sure it was always about giving back. Our family motto has been, "No exercise is greater for the human heart, than leaning down and lifting another up."
William Galston: The President's Only Chance for 2012
To an extent that we haven't seen since 1992, the 2012 election will focus on a single issue: economic growth and job creation. And because President Obama cannot win without focusing on the heartland, he's already in for an uphill reelection battle.
Mark Banschick, MD: When Divorce is a Sickness
In a malignant divorce, spouses do things to people who they once loved that no one would believe.

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