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Conservatives need some peer review
Washington Post (blog)
By Jennifer Rubin To the chagrin of many on the right, I've been critical of much of the conservative media coverage in the 2012 Republican primary. Many right-wing outlets have fanned bizarre media conspiracy theories (Herman Cain was the victim of a ...
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Looking for traction, second-tier candidates question Gingrich, Romney on ...
Washington Post
Yet the topsy-turvy race remains fluid, and the struggling candidates are hoping to deflate Romney and Gingrich by noting similarities on issues that could concern conservatives. Romney and Gingrich at one time backed requiring individuals to purchase ...
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Conservatives sending Attawapiskat 22 modular homes
National Post (blog)
By Jordan Press The federal government has acquiesced to community demands in Attawapiskat and will send 22 desperately needed modular homes to the community, as the Conservative government continued to face questions about its handling of the housing ...
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National Post (blog)
UK's Clegg attacks Conservative allies over EU
Clegg, who leads the small pro-Europe Liberal Democrats, denied that the Conservative-led coalition which took office in May 2010 with a deficit-cutting agenda could now collapse. "It would be even more damaging for us as a country if the coalition ...
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Conservative Party candidate counts potholes in by-election battle
The Conservative candidate in the Feltham and Heston by election is painstakingly recording every pothole and piece of graffiti he spots in a "Pooteresque" campaign blog. By Patrick Hennessy, Political Editor As political parties square up for this ...
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Gingrich works to bring campaign up to speed
Los Angeles Times
The effort relies in part on the network of donors and business contacts that Gingrich has cultivated since leaving the House in 1999, and on his unlikely alliance with Christian conservatives. It also hinges on new campaign finance rules that allow ...
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Los Angeles Times
Tories to take questions in inaugural Twitter town hall
(Sean Kilpatrick / THE CANADIAN PRESS) OTTAWA — The Conservatives are finally putting the social into their use of social media. Treasury Board President Tony Clement will host the government's inaugural Twitter town hall this Thursday, ...
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A comparison of the conservative traditions in America and Canada (Part Four)
Enter Stage Right
By Mark Wegierski In contrast to Canada today, which could be seen as mostly a left-liberal country, the United States could be perceived as more conservative. There are the superpower exigencies of America which require it to maintain a large and ...
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Williams must fall for conservatives to rise
Lexington Herald Leader
These elections could serve as a great opportunity for a rise with conservatives. Or these elections could stay the same course in Kentucky and continue with the status quo. In the era of the Tea Party, I am hopeful that the former is the direction ...
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Lexington Herald Leader
Ex-Bloomington mayor remaking role of agency targeted by conservatives
Indianapolis Star
Conservatives in the House tried to eliminate the agency this year. The anti-government group Club for Growth urged senators to vote against the agency's reauthorization this summer. And the heads of a bipartisan deficit commission last year listed ...
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The Volokh Conspiracy » Israel as a Litmus Test for Conservatives
By David Bernstein
It's fascinating to witness the extent to which strong support for Israel has become a litmus test for conservative voters. For much of Israel's existence, "the right," broadly speaking, was hostile to Israel. Foreign policy wonks saw Israel as a ...
The Volokh Conspiracy
Sunday Question for Conservatives
By Jonathan Bernstein
For the second consecutive cycle, one might argue that there hasn't been a single Republican presidential candidate with conventional credentials and a history of mainstream conservative positions on the public policy issues conservatives ...
A plain blog about politics
PAXALLES: RINO Newt-Romney and the True Conservatives Greek ...
The ABC News debate at Drake University in Iowa co-anchored by Diane Sawyer and George Stephanopoulos was enlivened by second tier true conservative contenders going after Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney. Sawyer who talked too ...

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