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Burlington Progressives put off mayoral nomination decision
With their favorite son out of the mayoral race, the Burlington Progressive Party voted Sunday night to postpone a decision until January on possibly endorsing a candidate for 2012. Many of the approximately 35 Progressives at the party caucus ...
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A Progressives Guide to Raising Hell
In light of the Occupy movement, a book by Jamie Court, "A Progressives Guide to Raising Hell" might need to be on your reading list. As a book review by Zack Kopp states "Since the advent of Corporate Personhood, most seem unaware of its greed-based ...
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Progressive Jackpot Enters Guinness Book
Online Casino Reports
By John W | Dec 11, 2011 Guinness World Records this week formally recognized the €11.74 million euro prize struck on the Mega Fortune progressive jackpot slot in September as the largest ever online slots jackpot. Readers may recall our report in ...
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'Progressives' threat
The Province
It should be clearly noted that this did not originate with minority New Canadians, but with self-proclaimed, so-called "progressive," middle-class, higher-purpose, white folks. It is those people we really have to fear.
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Richard J. Grant: Americans must be informed against progressives
The Tennessean
But the progressive movement that captured the mind of Theodore Roosevelt was often recognized, indeed praised, as an import of German socialism. German influence on American colleges in the late 1800s is well-known. In his 1910 speech, ...
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Botswana union planning visit to SD to meet progressives but...
Times of Swaziland
Known as the Botswana Land Boards, Local Authorities and Health Workers Union (BLLAHWU) it has said it is prepared to assist progressive groups in their quest for democracy in Swaziland. This was said during its Annual General Meeting (AGM) over the ...
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What does the Occupy Movement stand for?
Enter Stage Right
Every critique and proposal of the Occupy movement fits this moral view, which happens to be the progressive moral view. In this statement Lakoff displays a fundamental distrust progressives hold of human freedom when he claims that a robust Public, ...
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Political Ideology in the Garden of Eden
Big Government
Liberal-Progressives work tirelessly to minimize free choice—they dictate what light bulbs to use, which cars to drive, how much water our toilets and showers use, permissible and forbidden foods, and now America's health care system—and impose a ...
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Democrats Blast Newt Gingrich in First Video Ad as 'Original Tea Partier'
ABC News (blog)
This shows how myopic and out of touch Progressives really are — In their elitist hearts they think they know all about Tea Partiers. They truly do not understand our motivations — it is completely opposite to what they want which is big government ...
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ABC News (blog)
Eurocrash Update #1
Power Line (blog)
In other words, the Progressives rejected the philosophical ground to which Madison was appealing. For the Progressives, the Constitution was obsolete not because it was in the way of necessity (the necessity of securing individual rights), ...
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Progressives vs. traditionalists — Joanne Jacobs
By Joanne
In response to the comments battle here, he asks progressives on his blog: Are we losing the fight against traditional teaching? Here's his description of a Results Only Learning Environment (ROLE). Filed Under: Education Tagged With: Direct ...
Joanne Jacobs

Web1 new result for Progressives - Talk show host says progressives are lying evil ...
We all need to get involved.... We need to become evangelical about this. We are in the fight of our lives. The Democrats, the liberals, the progressives, they lie. ...

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